Company News

The Marine Winches for American Customers Have Been Successfully Shipped

Sep 02-2023

The marine winches we produce for American customers have been successfully shipped recently. The casting is difficult to process and has high welding process specification, but we still successfully ...
02 Sep
Customers From Türkiye Came to Visit the Company and Negotiate Business

Aug 12-2023

Customers from Türkiye came to visit the company and negotiate business. They were particularly interested in our products, especially the various large-scale grinding mills, and expressed their hope...
12 Aug
Smooth Delivery of Rotary Cooler Shell Exported to Indonesia

Jun 25-2023

At 11:00 am on June 9th, the company's key export project, the φ2.336 × 14m Indonesian cooler shell, was successfully loaded and delivery after passing the inspection.
25 Jun
Hoist Equipment Technical Seminar Training Class to Visit Our Company

Jun 16-2023

On 10:00 am of June 15, 2023, the 13th Hoist Equipment Technical Seminar Training Class visited our directly affiliated engineering technology company. Sales executive provided detailed explanations o...
16 Jun
Our Company Has Passed the Platform Supplier Qualification Review

Jun 06-2023

On May 25th and 26th, 2023, four audit experts from the European Metallurgical Industrial Products Platform visited our company for a detailed and comprehensive review of the three systems. They propo...
06 Jun
Key Projects Gradually Come to an End

May 30-2023

At the end of May, some of the company's key projects have gradually entered the final delivery preparation, and all work is carried out in an orderly manner, making sufficient preparations for th...
30 May
Representatives from the Mineral Processing Plant go to the Mining Equipment Plant for Communication and Learning

May 19-2023

On the morning of May 6, 2023, at 11:00 am, the director of the mineral processing plant led a total of 14 key positions such as the comprehensive department, frontline team leaders, and salesman to v...
19 May
2023 Employee Calligraphy Competition

May 18-2023

In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of employees and enrich their leisure life, the company's trade union and the general branch of the Youth League jointly held a calligraphy competition for empl...
18 May
Hydraulic Equipment Plant Delivery Disc Brake Successfully

Apr 28-2023

The hydraulic factory's disc brake for the friction hoist with a diameter of 2.8m X 4m was successfully shipped at 11:00 am on April 10th, 2023.
28 Apr
CIC Holds Products Exhibition

Apr 27-2023

On the occasion of the Luoyang Peony Culture Festival, various branches of CIC have held products exhibitions, including the Engineering Plastic Company, Mining Processing Equipment Plant, and Hydraul...
27 Apr
The company's Trade Union Organizes Voluntary Labor

Apr 26-2023

In order to ensure production and meet production needs, the company's labor union organized three departments - technology, production, and logistics - to jointly carry out voluntary labor, clean...
26 Apr
Production on-site overview

Apr 20-2023

We has processed wheel bands for 8-meter vertical lathes, and the personnel of the crane lifting and co-working unit have overcome difficulties such as hoisting and alignment to safely install the par...
20 Apr
Production On-site Overview I

Apr 19-2023

The key project of the φ3.2×24m dryer is advancing at full speed in the riveting and welding workshop, with sparks flying and a fiery production atmosphere. The key exported project, the φ2.336×14...
19 Apr
Key Project-the Aluminum Rolling Mill

Apr 14-2023

The main drive unit, connecting beam, and rolling components have been gradually installed, and the frame has been painted and coated before starting the final assembly and debugging stage. The rollin...
14 Apr
The Five Activities - “All-Staff Training”

Apr 13-2023

On April 11, 2023 at 9:00 AM, New Materials Company organized monthly safety training for employees, explaining daily equipment operation and safety management to enhance the safety awareness of all s...
13 Apr
CIC Held the 2023 Spring Outdoor Hiking Competition

Mar 31-2023

On the morning of March 25th, the company's labor union and the League branch jointly held a spring hiking competition for employees at the Luopu Park. The event received strong support and positi...
31 Mar
Production and After-sales Service

Mar 30-2023

Since March, the company has been actively carrying out all projects in every factories. Production is going smoothly and after-sales services are being provided smoothly in different places, creating...
30 Mar
Overview of CIC Key Projects

Mar 20-2023

In the first quarter, the company launched production of key projects in full swing, and after-sales service was also non-stop. Both domestic and foreign projects are proceeding together, all in a goo...
20 Mar
Five Activities- All Workers Training

Mar 10-2023

At 8:30 a.m. on March 5, 2023, a low-voltage electrician special operation certificate training was organized in the company's conference room, and Mr. Zhang of CITIC Heavy Industry University was...
10 Mar
Five Activities-”5S”on Site Activities

Mar 08-2023

Recently, in order to prepare for the visit of users of Luoyang Peony Flower Fair in advance, the mineral processing equipment factory has carried out a quantitative rectification of the plant to impr...
08 Mar
Key Project Delivery-φ4.5×7.7m Mill

Mar 06-2023

At 10:00 a.m. on March 4, 2023, the company's key projects-φ4.5×7.7m large mill was successfully delivered under the intensive production organization of the heavy equipment plant.
06 Mar
CIC Stuff Efficiently Use Time in Early Spring

Feb 15-2023

In the new year, the cadres and employees of the company's heavy equipment plant closely focus on key projects, carefully deploy, and all teams and machine tools present a good situation. Our expo...
15 Feb
The Agent of a Belrusian Customer Visited our Company

Feb 01-2023

Mr. Wu, An agent of a familiar belarusian customer has visited our company with a technical engineer, Mr. Wang on 1st February.We had a long meeting in the office of our manager, and talked about the ...
01 Feb
A Good Start - Welcoming Employees to Work after the Holiday

Jan 30-2023

On January 28, 2023, on the seventh day of the first month of the New Year, CIC’s main leaders welcomed the employees to work on the first day after the holiday at the gate, and then visited each bra...
30 Jan
Manager Ma from the Purchasing Department of Hebei Aojin Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. visited our company

Jan 13-2023

On January 6, 2023, Manager Ma of Purchasing Department, leaders of Technology Department, Quality Department and Quality Department from Hebei Aojin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. visited our company ...
13 Jan
District Leaders Come to CIC to Carry Out Activities

Jan 12-2023

At 11:00 a.m. on January 9, 2023, Jin Minghui, the deputy secretary of the District Committee, He Peng, the head of the District, and Zhou Jianhua, the chairman of the District Federation of Trade Uni...
12 Jan
Key Project -The Fermenter was Delivered Smoothly

Jan 11-2023

At 8:00 p.m. on January 5, 2023, the company's key projects Ф 2.192X18.26m fermentation Cylinder is loaded and shipped smoothly.
11 Jan
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All of our Customers in the World

Dec 30-2022

With exporting our kinds of products to more than 30 countries in the world, our products are covering all continents in the world. We CITICIC have cooperated with many famous company, such as KHD in ...
30 Dec
Successful Ex-work Delivery of the Third Ring

Dec 27-2022

With the successful Ex-work delivery and transportation to the End User’s worksite, the third ring has been sped up the machining schedule when the End User has told us the existed ring has been brok...
27 Dec
Successful Ex-work Delivery of the Second Ring

Dec 07-2022

Under the severe COVID-19 epidemic situation, we have overcome many difficulties to try our best to ensure the manufacturing of the rings. In the middle of December, we have cut the test ring for test...
07 Dec
Gantry Milling Successfully Being Installed in our Workshop

Nov 22-2022

In the mechanical industry, you must be familiar with the gantry milling machine, which is a grinder with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed. The gantry grinder is easy to operate, simple in str...
22 Nov
Successful Ex-work Delivery of the First Ring

Nov 16-2022

After all the mechanical properties are tested to be qualified, we, CITICIC have arranged the following machining of the ring as earlier n as we can. During the machining, the operator has carefully r...
16 Nov
Get Together to Fighting the Epidemic

Nov 10-2022

CIC volunteered to set up a nucleic acid testing volunteer service team. After professional training, the team turned into lovely "Angel in white" and fought together with community voluntee...
10 Nov
We Got Together to Fighting the Epidemic

Nov 09-2022

Since the start of the epidemic prevention and control campaign, the company has acted quickly and actively integrated material support resources. Recently, the CIC's party secretary, vice chairma...
09 Nov
CIC Holding 2022 Badminton Competition

Oct 19-2022

In order to better strengthen the communication between employees of all units and enrich their entertainment life, the company's trade union and the league general branch jointly held a badminton...
19 Oct
CIC held the third quarter of the campaign

Oct 10-2022

At 4:00 p.m. on October 8, 2022, CIC held the third quarter of the campaign to welcome the conclusion of the 20th CPC National Congress and the mobilization meeting for the fourth quarter of the final...
10 Oct
Key Project- Rod Mill were Delivered Smoothly

Sep 15-2022

At 4:00 p.m. on September 2, the two sets of rod mill barrels of the company's key project were successfully loaded and delivered through the solidarity and close cooperation of all workshops and ...
15 Sep
Slag Pots, Smoothly Being Loaded on the Vessel

Sep 06-2022

After more than 7 days waiting at the port, 5 pieces of slag pots with 25 CBM & 52 tons each one, exported to Taiwan in China, have been loaded smoothly and successfully on the vessel, and been fi...
06 Sep
Tires Exported to Vietnam are Installed on Site

Aug 17-2022

The rotary kiln tires exported by CIC have been shipped to Vietnam and are currently being installed on site.
17 Aug
Key Project- Ship Parts Delivery Smoothly

Aug 16-2022

The ship parts of the CIC’s key projects have overcome many difficulties such as strange shape, various sizes, difficulty in loading and processing beyond the specification, and finally passed the ac...
16 Aug
Jianxi District Federation of Trade Unions Hold the Free Employee Health Examination Activity

Aug 11-2022

Recently, the Jianxi District Federation of trade unions came to our company to carry out the free physical examination activity of "delivering health" for employees. The backbone of the com...
11 Aug
Top Managers Working at Factory Site for the Key Project

Aug 09-2022

The top managers of Heavy Machinery Plant play an important role in key project Production. To ensure the production schedule, they divided into some squads, working with the workers and made signific...
09 Aug
Key Project - Export Girth Gear is delivered smoothly

Jul 25-2022

The girth gear of the CIC key project has been dried overnight through the unity and cooperation between the heavy machinery factory and the company's technology and production department in the e...
25 Jul
Key Project Production On-site of 2 Set Export Ball Mill

Jul 11-2022

The company's key project is 2 sets of export mills. In order to ensure the production schedule, some of the structural machining rooms have been completed ahead of plan. Now, two sets of mill she...
11 Jul
Key Project - 3m Hoist Production Site

Jul 01-2022

The first 3m single hoist, a key project, has been assembled, the second main shaft has successfully completed the hot assembly process, and other parts are being promoted on schedule in the heavy mac...
01 Jul
Russia Client Send Third-party Supervisor to CIC for on-site Factory Inspection

Jun 13-2022

On June 8 and 9, in order to ensure the smooth procurement of the rotary kiln project, the Russian customer entrusted the Chinese third-party inspection company V-Trust to conduct on-site factory insp...
13 Jun
CIC Helps the Micro Wish of Children with Difficulties in Realizing their Dream

Jun 13-2022

When International Children's Day is approaching, CITICIC Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. actively responds to the call of the District Women's Federation. Mr. Ma, Secretary of the Party committee a...
13 Jun
Bureau of Industry and Information Technology Director Came to Our Company for Commendation

Jun 13-2022

At 11:00 a.m. on May 26, Mr. Wang, director of the Bureau of industry and information technology, together with Mr. Gao, chairman of Luoyang private enterprise association and other leaders, came to o...
13 Jun
The ball mill produced for Peruvian customers began to be shipped

May 26-2022

Three sets of ball mill manufactured by CIC to Peru customer are deliverying at the heavy machinery plant on May 19. The company has organized personnel for coordination and has successfully completed...
26 May
Five Activities - “ Make Superior and Delicate Product”

May 26-2022

At 9:00 a.m. on April 26, according to the inspection plan of "Make Superior and Delicate Products" issued at the beginning of the year, the production department, together with the technica...
26 May
Luoyang TV Station Visited CIC for Special Interview

May 26-2022

At 11:00 a.m. on April 20, the column group of "Grassroots Safety" of Luoyang TV station came to our company for a special interview on safety production. Executive deputy general manager Mr...
26 May
CIC’s Key Infrastructure Projects: 5x12m CNC Gantry Machining Center is in Progress

Apr 14-2022

The foundation grouting of the 5 * 12m CNC gantry machining center is in full swing in the complete equipment factory. The introduction of this high-precision and efficient equipment plays a positive ...
14 Apr
Five Activities - All Staff Training

Mar 15-2022

At 4:00 p.m. on March 9, the technology department organized nearly 60 people from sales, procurement and other departments to hold an industrial integration service training meeting to conduct in-dep...
15 Mar
Bronze Aluminum Girth Gear Starting Final Machining Processing

Mar 11-2022

The 3.63m bronze aluminum girth gear was manufactured by the complete equipment factory has entered the last key process of fine gear hobbing. This girth gear rated as "First Time Processing Spec...
11 Mar
Key Product- Sludge Drying Machine Delivery Smoothly

Mar 10-2022

On the afternoon of February 27, the first WGL sludge dryer machine, the company's key project, was delivered smoothly. The next several machines will be send once they finished production.On the ...
10 Mar
CIC Girth Gear Exported to Romania has Passed the Final Inspection

Mar 01-2022

On February 24, the production of the large gear ring ordered by the Romanian customer was finished production. The quality inspector of CIC company conducted the final inspection of the product, and ...
01 Mar
CIC Resume Work Officially from Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb 10-2022

CIC staff return to work on 7th Feb 2022. CEO and leader’s team welcome all staff in front of the company gate. All CIC staff getting back up to speed with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm at...
10 Feb
39 Gears Ready to Delivery after the SGS Inspection

Dec 30-2021

On December 28, 39 piece of gears purchased by Egypt client finished production. SGS inspector took final test on-site and all of them were qualified. Then Package and delivery also were arranged smoo...
30 Dec
The Rotary Kiln for Tanzania was Delivered Smoothly

Dec 23-2021

The rotary kiln, our company's key project, has been loaded and shipped successively after continuous work hard in the past few months. This kiln is a project of CIC assistance to Africa, which is...
23 Dec
CIC has successfully completed the installation and commission of grinding mills for Russian customer

Dec 15-2021

Our company successfully completed the installation and commission of SAG grinding mills which had exported to Russia in August. The size of the mill has set a record of the company in manufacture, th...
15 Dec
Deputy Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor Came to the Company for Investigation and Guidance

Dec 02-2021

At 10 a.m. November 27, XuYixian, Deputy Secretary of Luoyang Municipal Party Committee and Acting Mayor, and his party visited our company for investigation and guidance, and conducted on-the-spot in...
02 Dec
Two Grinding Mills Finished Delivery Successful

Nov 19-2021

On November 19, CIC key projects, the two grinding mills were exported to Russia with successful delivery. The project lasted nearly four months from the signing of the contract to the final delivery,...
19 Nov
Jianxi District Organization Department visited our Company

Nov 05-2021

At 3:00 pm on November 5, Director Zhang of Jianxi District Organization Department, Secretary Miao of Chongqing Office and other leaders visited our company for in-depth investigation and conducted i...
05 Nov
Corporate Equipment