Exploring Potential Collaborative Opportunities in India: A Charming Encounter with a Mechanical Manufacturing Expert

On March 12, we were delighted to receive a charming guest from India. He is with over ten years of experience in the industrial sector and is currently employed at a publicly listed company in India specializing in mechanical manufacturing.

What piqued his interest, you inquire? It appears that our casting and production of rotary kiln shell, gear rings, forged ring, and roller assemblies caught his attention. The gear ring products, in particular, fascinated him. Following a tour and practical demonstrations, he was thoroughly impressed by our gear hobbing machine. I must say, we possess the largest gear hobbing machine in the northern region. It is capable of handling diameters of up to 15 meters and weights of up to 100 tons – truly exemplifying heavy-duty precision work!

Our guest was greatly impressed by the level of accuracy and precision of our extensive CNC lathes for machining. This visit has genuinely strengthened our mutual understanding and sowed the seeds of hope for potential collaboration in the Indian market.

Who would have imagined that our girth gears and rings could ignite such enthusiasm?Stay tuned for more exciting developments as we embark on this journey into the Indian market together.

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