Intelligent Expert System of Customized and Intelligent Heavy Machinery

The expert intelligent control system is a solution for automatic operation of the production process in factory informatization. It is a program system with a lot of expertise and experience. It applies artificial intelligence technology and computer technology, according to the knowledge and experience provided by one or more experts in a certain field, reasoning and judgment, simulating the decision-making process of human experts, in order to solve those complex problems that need to be dealt with by human experts. In short, an expert system is a computer program system that simulates human experts to solve problems in one field.

Intelligent Grinding Expert System-Industrial Ball Mill

The intelligent grinding expert system can monitor the real-time operation of the mill, collect and analyze the grinding status and material parameters.

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Intelligent Expert System-Rotary Kiln Machine

With the help of computer control technology and development of multivariable predictive control system modeling software, simulation software and operation management software.

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