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Furnace Robotic Arm Machine

With the development of modern science and technology, industrial arm is a kind of high-tech automatic intelligent mechanical production equipment developed in recent decades. In the modern production process, Arm robots are widely used in automatic production lines, the research and production of robotic arm machine has become a new technology rapidly developed in the field of high technology, to better realize the organic combination of mechanization and automation, the mechanization and automation organic combination will be better achieved. The biggest difference between the robot arm and the human arm lies in its flexibility and endurance. The biggest advantage of the robotic arm machine is that it can do the same action repeatedly without fatigue. Therefore, industrial arm robot has been paid attention to by many industries and has been used more and more widely.

The heavy equipment and machinery of CIC mainly refers to the automatic robot arm control equipment used in smelting industry metallurgy which has the function of imitating human arm and can complete various operations. This robotic arm machine operation system has multiple joint connections and joints allowing movement in plane or three-dimensional space or using linear displacement movement. The structure is composed of a mechanical body, a controller, a servo mechanism and an inductor, and the program can set certain specified actions according to the operation requirements. The operation of the industrial arm robot is driven by electric motors that move an arm, open or close a clip, and accurately feed back to a programmable logic controller. This automatic device mechanical to complete the "wrist and hand" movement as the main purpose, the machine can be repeated in accordance with the program to complete the correct and regular operation for countless times after its sequence is entered by a skilled operator.

Types of Intelligent Mechanical Equipment

Calcium Carbide Furnace Tap Hole Machine

The Dig Furnace manipulator is composed of a traveling mechanism, a multi-station operator, hydraulic pressure, and electronic control. We can design and manufacture mechanical arms with different functions for different needs.

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Furnace Tapping Machine

The equipment is used for the opening and plugging of slag port in a copper smelting furnace. It adopts automatic control and intelligent operation to replace manual work in a high risk and high pollution environments.

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Furnace Tap Hole Machine

The manipulator is applied to the opening and plugging of the slag port in a copper smelting furnace to avoid manual work in high risk and high pollution environments and we can design and develop accordingly.

Drilling and Tapping Machine Price

Function of Intelligent Furnace Robotic Arm Machine

  • An important part of a closed calcium carbide furnace is robot arm control production.

  • The automatic discharge system of the calcium carbide furnace is controlled to complete the connection between the discharge system of the furnace opening, discharging and sealing of the furnace hole and the boiler handling system.

  • High temperature, dangerous and labor-intensive operation work will be replaced by the controlled machine and operate remotely.

  • Stable working and digitized working processes can greatly improve the production stability of the furnace.

Function Of Intelligent Mechanical Equipment

Technical Characteristics of Furnace Robotic Arm Machine

  • Remote Operation

The operators complete all the operations in the central control room or operation room without being on site. It will greatly improve the working environment, reduce labor intensity, eliminate personal safety hazards.

  • Digitalization of Working Process

In the process of operation, the system will have real-time digital signals for different working processes. It is beneficial to unify the working process of different operators, to stabilize the outlet channel of calcium carbide furnace, and to reduce the deposition of furnace bottom.

  • Standardization of Process

Different standard work clamps are used to finished the operation process of the furnace. The work process is standard and does not need the on-site experience of workers, which greatly improves the replaceability of operators. The standardization of the working process also improves the efficiency of work, which is conducive to reducing power consumption.

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