Discharge Furnace Robotic Arm

Furnace Tapping Machine

We developed the discharge furnace robotic arm, based on the working process and tools of manual operation of slag port opening and closing of the copper smelting furnace. It has the function of a 7-axis linkage. Taking the horizontal centerline of the furnace as the reference, it can realize the horizontal movement of the whole machine, with the moving speed of

200 mm/s and the motor-driven by gear and rack.

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Introduction of Furnace Tapping Machine

Automatic discharging furnace robotic arm is an equipment independently designed and developed by CIC for calcium carbide discharging characteristics by participating in calcium carbide production and closely focusing on the purpose of saving energy, reducing consumption, stabilizing production and reducing workers' labor intensity.

As a high-temperature production industry, calcium carbide workers in front of the furnace will face many high-temperature hazards in the process of calcium carbide discharging. Out of our understanding of the process of calcium carbide discharging, we have designed a remote control system for the high magnetic field environment in front of the calcium carbide furnace. The discharging workers can stay away from the high-temperature discharging area and effectively avoid the production threat. The fully Automatic discharging furnace robotic arm developed by CIC is a truly unattended tapping operation, which truly realizes the original intention and aim of "emancipating employees from the environment of high temperature, high risk, strong physical strength and high dust".

Specification of Furnace Tapping Machine

Specification of Furnace Tapping Machine

1. The upper body of revolution can be 360 ° Rotation, rotation speed 10°/s. Worm gear transmission is adopted.

2. The mechanical arm can be retracted back and forth. The length of the robotic arm is initially determined to be 600mm (which can be adjusted according to the site process requirements), the speed is 700mm/s, the maximum thrust is 1100kg, and the drive adopts hydraulic motor.

3. The swing angle of the robotic arm is 21 °, Elevation 3 °, Depression angle 18 °, Swing speed 5 °/s. Hydraulic cylinder drive.

4. The steel drill of the mechanical arm passes through the opening of the crushing hammer, and the striking frequency is 700-1200bpm; The thrust of the mud blocking cylinder is 31.4kn, and the mud ball is pushed out through the extended rod piston.

5. The mud ball forming tool is used for forming the end of the mud ball; The automatic mud collection in the mud box can realize one-time loading and multiple mud collection.

6. Hydraulic system: pump pressure 90kgf/cm², Max 110kgf/cm², 18.5kw × 2 ( One of them is standby). Proportional valve control is adopted.

7. The equipment is protected with stainless steel plate and refractory material as a whole, with heat insulation and no bonding.

8. Automatic control and operation: PLC control system is adopted, and man-machine dialogue mode is adopted for operation. The operating handle is the miniaturized version of the whole equipment, which can complete the action process of the field equipment in the control room.

Discharge Furnace Robotic Arm Trial Run In The Factory

Trial run in the factory

Discharge Furnace Robotic Arm Central Control Operation Area

Central control operation area

Discharge Furnace Robotic Arm Package

Package & Delivery

Advantages of Furnace Tapping Machine

  1. The furnace tapping machine has the functions of opening, pulling and plugging. It reduces the labor force in front of the furnace and reduces the potential safety hazards of employees working in front of the furnace.  Availbale for copper mining process.

  2. Save consumables and completely cancel the oxygen blowing operation mode.  

  3. The equipment has the function of impact opening, and the impact frequency is high. Under the condition of maintaining the furnace hole, the furnace hole can be opened easily.  

  4. The drill rod used for eye pulling of the equipment is 50mm round steel. The flow of calcium carbide brought out is large, the tapping time is shortened, the heat loss of calcium carbide furnace is small, and the power consumption is saved.

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