Industrial Centrifuge Machine

Centrifugal concentrator is a kind of equipment for gravity separation of ore particles in a centrifugal force field, which is one of the high-efficiency gravity separation equipment. Our industrial centrifuge machine mainly include horizontal centrifuge machine and vertical centrifuge machine. Inquiry competitive centrifuge machine price direct from centrifuge manufacturer.

Industrial Centrifuge Machines Types

Vertical Centrifuge

The components of a vertical centrifuge includes a screen, a rotor body, a transmission device, a body, a lubrication system, etc.

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Horizontal Centrifuge

Horizontal vibrating centrifuges are centrifugal dehydrators. This series of horizontal vibrating centrifuges are mainly used for the dehydration of fine and medium coal.

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Principle of Industrial Centrifuge Machine

The drum of the industrial centrifuge machine rotates at a high speed with a certain number of revolutions, and the slurry is sent to the inner wall of the drum in two places through the feed distributor. The pulp rotates at a high speed with the drum. Under the action of centrifugal force, the heavy minerals deposit on the inner wall of the drum and rotate with the drum. The light mineral particles in the pulp rotate with the drum at a certain differential speed. In the process of rotation, they flow from the feeding end to the discharge end at a certain spiral angle along the drum slope direction, and then discharge through the discharge separator at the end, which is tailings. After 3 minutes of separation, the feed separator automatically turns to the position of discharging concentrate and stops feeding to the drum. After the tailings are discharged, the discharge separator automatically turns away from the original normal position and is ready to intercept the concentrate. Then the high-pressure flushing water valve automatically opens and the concentrate deposited on the inner wall of the drum is washed down by the high-pressure flushing water. After the concentrate is washed out, the high-pressure water valve automatically closes, the discharge separator and feed separator reset automatically to start the next separation cycle.

Structure of Industrial Centrifuge Machine

  • Industrial centrifuge machine are mainly composed of separation mechanisms and auxiliary mechanism.

  • Separation mechanism. The drum of the centrifuge is the separation structure. The drum is hollow cone-shaped and the inner surface slope of the drum is 3° to 5°. It can be made of cast steel, cast iron or FRP, etc. The drum is fixed on the shaft through the chassis and rotates with the shaft.

  • Auxiliary mechanism. There are many auxiliary mechanisms of Industrial centrifuge machine, which are mainly composed of feeding device, discharging device, flushing device and their action program control device. The main working parts of the horizontal centrifuge are truncated cone drums with a half cone angle of 3°~5°, which is fixed on the horizontal axis with the help of the chassis, and the motor drives the drum to rotate through the V-belt.

What are the Influencing Factors to the Industrial Centrifuge Machine?

The factors affecting the separation index of industrial centrifuge machine can also be divided into two aspects: structure factor and operation factor. But the difference is that the influence of operation factors is related to the structural parameters of the equipment.

The structural factors of the industrial centrifuge machine mainly include the diameter, length and half cone angle of the drum. Increasing the diameter of the drum can improve the production capacity of the equipment in direct proportion; Increasing the length of the drum can greatly improve the production capacity of the equipment, but the lower limit of the recycled particle size will also rise. Increasing the half cone angle of the drum can improve the quality of high-density products, but the recovery rate will decrease accordingly. In order to solve this contradiction, our centrifuge manufacturer have developed double taper, three taper and even four taper centrifuge machine.

The operation factors of industrial centrifuge machine mainly include feed concentration, feed volume, drum speed, feed time and separation cycle. When centrifuges of different specifications process the same material, the feed volume per unit drum wall area should be approximately equal, and the feed concentration should increase with the increase of drum length; When the same equipment is used to treat different materials, the influence of feed concentration and volume is the same as other chute equipment. The speed of the drum is approximately inversely proportional to the square root of the product of the drum diameter and length. In a certain range, increasing the rotation speed can improve the recovery rate, but the quality of high-density product is reduced due to poor stratification effect.

Industrial Centrifuge Machine Application

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