Horizontal Centrifuge

Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

TWZ series horizontal vibratory centrifuge belongs to the centrifugal dewatering machine, the series of horizontal vibratory centrifuge is mainly used for dehydration of fine and medium coal (0.5 to 26mm), it can also be used for other similar materials dehydration.

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Structural Features of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

Structural Features of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

The horizontal vibratory centrifuge made the material separated by solid liquid on a high-speed rotating screen, a vibrating power is attached to the material on the screen by the excitation system to realize the solid-liquid separation with automatic unloading. The TWZ series has many advantages, including high production, small crushing degree, long life period of screen, stable, convenient to fix, simple structure, low noise, high reliability and low cost.

Main Features of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

Main Features of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine
  • Industrial centrifuge machine has high treatment ability, good dehydration effect.

  • Small crushing degree, the screen basket is more wearable, long life period.

  • TWZ series have inertial resonance vibration system, amplitude and product rate are stable and reliable. The TWZ vibration system has the advantages of smooth running, low noise, simple structure, convenient maintenance and energy saving.

  • Horizontal centrifuge machine can be applied as coal centrifuge and sludge dewatering centrifuge.

Working Principle of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

Materials entered into the bottom of the screen basket through a feed-in tube with an enamel and screen base, materials within the screen barrier subjected to centrifugal force and closed to the screen surface. Under the effect of vibration, the material layer moved toward large end of screen basket evenly, the dehydrated material was thrown around the screen basket, falling into a discharge port at the bottom of the shell and discharged. The moisture in the material through the material layer and the sieve seam was thrown around the shell under the action of centrifugal force, then along the shell wall to the drain outlet.

Working Principle of Horizontal Centrifuge

Technical Performance of Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

Basic ParametersUnitModel

Feed Sizemm≤500-250.5-500-50≤500.5-50
Processing Capacityt/h30-5050-100100-150180-250200-300250-350
Product Moisture%44329
Large Diameter of Screenmm85010001150130014001500
Size of Screen Cutmm0.25,0.3,0.35,0.5
Vibration FrequencyHz2525525252525
Power of Main MotorKw152237.5455575
Power of Vibration MotorKw45.57.57.51115
Power of Oil Pump MotorKw0.370.370.550.550.550.55

Horizontal Centrifuge Machine Application

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