sludge drying machine

Sludge Dryer Machine

CIC's sludge drying machine process was originally developed for the development of high viscosity media in the concentrating chemical industry and has long been used for the heavy equipment machinery separation of liquid/liquid and liquid/solid media that are difficult to separate. After continuous improvement, this sludge treatment and disposal technology has become a mature technology in the field of rotary sludge dryer machines. If you know something about our sludge dryer machine, you should know that we have a complete set of solid waste incineration systems. Although our incineration system can handle high water content sludge, if the sludge accounts for a large proportion, the large amount of water contained in it will have a huge impact on the stable operation of the entire incineration system. In addition, the use of a large amount of auxiliary fuel due to the evaporation of this moisture causes an increase in processing cost. If the main material processed by your incineration system is sludge, we can also provide a whole set of sludge drying equipment as a pretreatment sludge dryer system for sludge treatment and disposal.

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CIC Achievement in Sewage Sludge Dryer Machine

CIC has successfully applied this technology to multiple sludge dewatering centrifuge with great success. 

CIC Achievement in Sludge Drying Machine

CIC sludge drying machine equipment be used in the wastewater treatment plant of Geweite Environmental Protection New Energy Co., Ltd.

Principle of Rotary Sludge Dryer Machine

Principle of Rotary Sludge Dryer Machine

In CIC heavy equipment companies, The working principle of the sludge drying machine is to transfer the material (wait to dry) into the sealed chamber from the inlet and use the saturated steam as the heat source to heat the material indirectly. Through the hollow shaft components (disc, feather root, mud scraping stick), it can fully stir and push the material to make the water evaporate faster, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the material by sludge treatment and disposal.

The treated materials for sludge drying machine equipment include industrial sludge, domestic sludge, mixed sludge, etc.

Principle of Sludge Drying Machine

Technical Parameter of Sludge Dryer Equipment


70-100 t/d

Moisture content before process


Moisture content after process


Main motor power

90 kw

Reduction ratio


Rotate speed of hollow shaft

0~10 rpm

Diameter of hollow shaft

φ 750

Diameter of disc

φ 2100

Heat transfer area

~41 m2

Heat source

saturated vapor

Working pressure

0.5 Mpa

Working temperature


Size of machine


Weight of machine

~65 ton

The Significance of Sludge Dryer Machine

Increasing the solid content of the sludge can reduce the volume of the sludge

Municipal sludge with a solid content of more than 85% can be stored stably for a long time

The sludge with solid content of more than 85% can meet the US EPA-503A standards

Municipal sludge with solid content ≥40% can meet the requirements of fluidized bed incinerator; municipal sludge with solid content ≥90% can be used as an alternative fuel

The rotary kiln incineration system we provide can be used for processing:

Related Issues Of Sludge Drying Machine


Design value

Maximum value

calorific value(kj/kg)











Related Issues of Sludge Dryer Machine

What other equipment is there in the waste incineration system?

Rotary lime kiln is one of the key equipments in the waste incineration system, which is also one of the best way to treat all kinds of wastes harmlessly.

CIC's rotary kiln are widely used in dealing all kinds of solid, liquid and gas wastes, including industrial wastes, chemical wastes, pharmaceutical wastes, medical wastes, contaminated soil, radioactive substances and sludge, sludge, etc.

Can you give a brief introduction to the waste treatment system of rotary kiln?

The rotary kiln incineration system is ideal for handling industrial hazardous waste. It can handle not only solid, liquid and gaseous hazardous waste, but also sludge.

We can provide a whole set of incineration equipment (including feeding system, rotary kiln, secondary combustion chamber and slag discharge system) as well as EPC services.

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