Ways to Ensure the Extended Service Life of Sludge Dryers

Since sludge drying equipment involves quality of life and services, sludge drying costs. It is very important to choose a sludge dryer with good quality and reasonable price. Sludge, coal slime and other raw materials have high water content and high binding rate, so special care should be taken when selecting drying equipment, otherwise it will not only affect the production and drying of the dryer, but the water content of the product will not meet the standard. Generally, the sludge and coal slime are dried, and the drying time of the material is minimized, that is, the high-temperature quick-drying process is selected.

Sludge dryer equipment manufacturers have a history of sludge waste such as drying difficulties, reasonably design the drying process according to different humidity conditions and dryer material characteristics, determine the model of sludge dryer machine, and plan the best process for drying production lines and production plans. Although the sludge drying process is simple, it can bring better benefits to customers. The correct use and maintenance of the sludge dryer system prolongs the service life of the sludge drying equipment and improves the output per unit time. When using a single-drum dryer for drying, the structure of the sludge body is relatively simple, but the material of the dryer is a steel structure, so it is easy to rust, so try not to use the dryer in the open air as far as possible to avoid getting wet in the rain and being affected. Because summer is rainy season, it is necessary to avoid the damage of sludge dryer equipment in rain and the corrosion of drying equipment motor.

1. Choose a high-quality brand of sludge dryer

In order to ensure that the sludge dryer has a long service life, first of all, you should pay more attention to the selection. It is necessary to ensure the quality of the selected equipment through factors such as brand, production material and structure. The probability of damage of such equipment in use will be well reduced because of its high quality, and the natural service life is also relatively long.

2. Adjustment of the position of the temperature regulator of the sludge dryer

After the work of the sludge dryer is completed, the temperature regulator should be rotated to the 0 degree position, and it still needs to be turned on improperly. This can prolong the service life of the solenoid valve, and the drying opportunity will reduce the probability of failure and prolong the service life.

3. Prevent the sludge dryer from being overloaded

The use of sludge dryers has requirements for the load, whether it is temperature or pressure, if there is an overload phenomenon in use, it will shorten the service life, so people should prevent the overload phenomenon in daily use.

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