Experiment Research of Customized and Intelligent Heavy Machinery

Experiment Research of Customized and Intelligent Heavy Machinery

The company's technical center consists of technology department, lifting equipment research institute, kiln and grinding equipment research institute, washing equipment research institute, environmental protection equipment research institute, friction material research institute, wear-resistant material research institute, electrical automation research institute, hydraulic equipment research institute, complete equipment technology institute and technical departments of all directly affiliated plants.

Ball Mill And Rotary Kiln Testing System

The focus of the work of the technology center is to promote technological innovation through scientific research and experiment, improve the technical level and market competitiveness of products, promote the adjustment of the company's product structure with complete sets of equipment, complete sets of technology and project contracting, and provide strong technical support for the company.

Experiment Research Of Customized And Intelligent Heavy Machinery

The technology system is mainly engaged in the research and development of basic common technologies such as lifting, transportation, crushing, grinding, screening, washing, building materials, metallurgy, casting and forging, welding, heat treatment, hydraulic lubrication, low-speed and heavy-duty gear transmission, electric drive and automatic control, engineering materials, product processing technology of electric power, chemical industry, environmental protection, and other industries, and complete process design of related specialties product development.

The company has established 6 testing laboratories, including mechanical performance laboratory, friction material laboratory, wear-resistant material laboratory, hydraulic equipment laboratory, electrical equipment laboratory, ball press laboratory. In addition, we have built test platforms for hoists, industrial grinding mill, centrifuge equipment, shakers, crushers and other products.

Over the past 15 years, product design and scientific research work have been carried out around the company's product structure adjustment. The leading products have been introduced, digested, absorbed, improved, and innovated several times, and basically have the ability of independent development and independent intellectual property rights. The mechanical product design has begun to transition from single machine development to single machine process system design and complete process design of a large-scale system. The technical level of the main products is at the forefront of China, reaching the advanced level of the industrially developed countries at the beginning of the 21st century.

Experiment Research Of Customized And Intelligent Heavy Machinery

Experiment Research





Research on new type friction liner testing machine and high-performance friction mill liner

3rd Prize of Science and Technology Progress in Machinery Industry


Wms-3 mine hoist disc brake new environmental protection non-asbestos brake shoe

3rd Prize of Luoyang Science and Technology Progress Award


Development and application of disc brake and its braking performance intelligent detection system

1st Prize of China Coal Industry Science and Technology Award


National brand supervision activities

AAA Level Gold Medal Unit of Product, Service and Reputation


Wms-3 environment-friendly nonasbestos brake shoe

China's Top-quality Brand Products


GM-3 high-performance friction pad

Famous Products in China


Environmental protection asbestos-free brake shoe and brake performance testing technology of disc type brake of mine hoist

2nd Prize of Science and Technology Award of China Machinery Industry


Key technology and application of hoisting equipment in large mines

2nd Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award


Research on the intelligent gate control system of high-performance hoist

Key Technology Projects for Prevention and Control of Major Accidents in Production Safety in 2013

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