High-pressure Ball Press Machine

High-pressure Ball Press Machine

A high-pressure ball press machine is a kind of pelletizing machine that can feed various kinds of dry and wet powder through the preliminary pressure device compulsorily into the roll press area and make it into a high bulk density ball. It is mainly applied in the coal, mining, metallurgy, fire-resistant materials, construction materials and other light metal industries our company has its own test machine, which can help test the linear pressure of the final product, and linear pressure can achieve 300kn/cm.

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Introduction of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

Introduction of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

The HPBPM is researched and developed by our company self with the principle of making the powder be shaped by high extrusion pressure. It consists of extrusion rollers which roll synchronously in opposite rotation direction. On the surfaces of the two rollers there are many pits with specific shape. Powder, fine material or other material will be fed down to the top of the two extrusion rollers, into the extrusion angle between the two rollers. Then the transmission force and the hydraulic force pressed on the two rollers will make the material forcibly be extruded into the pits on the roller surfaces, compressed, and shaped as a specific shape. Then with the rollers roll, the shaped products will fall down with the gravity and the inner elastic force of the material.

HPBPM are widely used in mining, coal mining process, metallurgy, medicine, chemical industry and other fields, and used to make many material shaped, such as coal powder, fine iron powder, metal chips, kinds of mineral slag and mineral powder, slurry in metallurgy, coal slurry, magnesium material, refractory material and others. HPBPM is featured with small size, high efficiency, no contamination, low energy consumption and most application.  We especially display a test machine with linear pressure 300KN/cm to make tests for our customers.

Our company has a test machine with linear pressure 300KN/cm, and can make test for customers.

Advantages and Features of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

Advantages and Features of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

Advanced performances are noted below compared with the same machines from German and China.

1. High energy saving: having remarkable energy saving effect, electricity consumption per ton is half of the ordinary ball press machine, and the weight of the whole machine is two-thirds of the same specification

2. Environmental protection: the shaped pellets has high compressive strength with 1300N, good anti-drop and anti-extrusion properties. And it has no pollution to the environment during the storage, especially in the course of the transportation.

3. High intelligence: Fully automatic operation, lower work force cost, and providing convenient and fast remote service.

4. High pressure: linear pressure of our machine can reach to 300KN/cm, which is the biggest linear pressure both here and abroad. It gives a good solution to the problem of hardly making the material shaped without additive agent.

Assembly on Site of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

The inlaid rolling skin is easy to exchange and has a long service life. The customers can remove & replace by themselves without back to the manufacturer. Inlaid rolling skin has low cost and lightweight. It is 2-3 times the service life of the whole ring set.

High-pressure Ball Press Machine

The Application in Iron-carbon Pellet

The Application In Iron-Carbon Pellet

Iron Carbon PelletAt present, blast furnace melting generally adopts the methods of sintered briquette and baked pellet, i.e. blending iron refined powder, braize, and alta-mud, pelletizing, high-temperature sintering in the band type or pan type sintering machine, or blending iron refined powder with alta-mud, roasting in the vertical furnace after pelletizing and smelting in the blast furnace after cooling. The roasting of both budens needs high temperature and consumes huge amount of resources while heating, which will result in badly environmental pollution and greenhouse effect. However, if mixing iron reined powder, coal powder and binder together, pelletizing by ball press machine, becoming into iron-carbon pellet with high cold and hot strength and good tumbler strength after low temperature maintenance, and then putting into blast furnace for smelting, it will not only reduce roasting process, save huge amount of energy, reduce blast furnace smelting cost, but also reduce badly environment pollution and greenhouse effect, cut raw material cost in metallurgical industry, and improve profitability. On the other hand, the adoption of such new process can reduce half of smelting time for each furnace, improve utilization ratio of furnace a lot and finally increase the benefit of enterprise.

Right now, the iron carbon pellet production line with the cooperation of ball press machine developed by our company and new-type binder is able to guarantee the materials input for blast furnace smelting, help improve the process of iron-carbone directly smelting in blast furnace, which is not only environment-friendly, consumption reducing, and economical benefit increasing, but also a process revolution of blast furnace smelting in metallurgical industry.

Pellets Formed Under High Pressure After Drying

Pellets formed under high pressure after drying

Main Technical Parameters of High-pressure Ball Press Machine

ModelDimension of press roll (mm)Linear pressure (KN/cm)Working capacity (t/h)



Ball Press Machine

The Application of Ball Press in Other Fields

The ball press machine enjoys wide usage in industries such as industrial wastes power plant wastes, magnesium metal, gas cooking, high phosphorus oolitic hematite, high iron bauxite and blast furnace melting. Therefore, the birth of a ball press machine provides necessary conditions for improving pellet strength, increasing working efficiency, especially for mass scale pellet industrialization production.

The Application of Ball Press in Other Fields

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