overflow ball mill

Overflow Ball Mill

In recent years, with the continuous development of grinding technology, wet grinding has become the mainstream process, overflow type ball mill is the most widely used equipment in wet grinding. Overflow ball mill is mainly used for wet ball mill. In the grinding process, raw materials and water are added at the same time to make the ground fine materials form pulp with water, which is discharged in the way of self flow, so as to complete the industrial grinding mill operation, so it is called an overflow mill.

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Features of Overflow Mill

Features of Overflow Mill
  • Overflow mill is easy to start, stable operation

  • Simple structure, convenient maintenance

  • Various working modes and optional granularity

  • The grinding time is short and the service life is long

Application of Overflow Ball Mill

Overflow ball mill is often used for grinding fine ore or regrinding concentrate in mineral processing industry, such as cement ball mill. In addition, it can also be used in silicate products, building materials, chemical fertilizers, non-ferrous metals, glass ceramics and other production industries.

Application of Overflow Ball Mill

Working Principle of Overflow Ball Mill

When overflow mill is working, raw materials and water are continuously added from one port, and the slurry is formed after being ground by steel ball inside the cylinder. After the slurry is ground to the target size and accumulated to a certain height, it will overflow from the other end.

Advantages of Overflow Ball Mill

Advantages of Overflow Ball Mill
  1. Rich Experience: We have produced hundreds of overflow ball mills every year. We ensure the quality and provide after-sales service. The ball mill grinding machine has a long service life.

  2. Strong Production Capacity: We can make quick delivery with our 6 factories and 800+ workers.

  3. Reasonable price: We have long-term cooperation with hundreds of suppliers, and will lower the cost of raw materials and processing.

Intelligent Grinding Expert System-Ball Mill

To realize the intelligent control for ball mill operation, we provide the intelligent grinding expert system. It will monitor the situation of ball mill working and the finished products status. Lower the labour cost with great efficient. Learn More...

Technical Properties List of Overflow Ball Mill

SpecificationShell DiameterShell LengthVolumeRotary SpeedGrinding Medium LoadTransmission TypeMotorProfile DimensionsTotal WeightRemarks

Power(kw)Rotary Speed(r/min)(L×W×H)mt
MQY15×3015003000526.69Side-edge Transmission957427.4×3.4×2.818.5Drum Feeder
MQY15×36150036005.726.610.6957428.0×3.4×2.817.22Rubber Liners
MQY24×702400700026.66214847574014.3×5.8×4.467Rubber Liners
MQY27×402700400034.3419.55363058913.5×5.9×4.771.2Rubber Liners
MQY28×8028008000432078.680013716.5×7.3×5115For coal water slurry
MQY30×11030001100069.217.3100Central Transmission125042928.9×3.8×5.0227.8
MQY32×363200360026.318.348.4Side-edge Transmission50016714.3×7.3×6.0116.94

MQY36×503600500046.717.385.86Central Transmission125042923×4.6×6.3176
MQY36×563600560055.417.76106.3Side-edge Transmission125075014.4×8.0×6.3159.7
MQY36×603600600055.717.31002.5Central Transmission125042924×4.6×6.3138.73
MQY36×60360060005417.3102Side-edge Transmission125016715.6×8.3×6.3162.7
MQY36×903600900083.517.4138Central Transmission180074328×4.6×5.6286
MQY38×67380067007016.5130Side-edge Transmission140074319×8.2×7.1185.3
MQY40×13540001350015516233330020023×10×4.9343For coal water slurry

Spare Parts & Services of Overflow Ball Mill

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