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For spare parts, we can manufacture the welded structural components and non standard customized parts including various of components of grinding mill, rotary kiln, dryer, centrifuge machine and so on. We can not only provide spare parts for our own complete sets of equipments, but also select and design spare parts suitable for others according to the equipment type specified by customers. In addition, We can also provide spare parts modification service for the equipment you are using now, such as the design modification of grinding mill shell and end cover.

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Exhibition of End Cover

Exhibition Of End Cover

Facilities For Manufacturing Spare Parts





Smelting & Casting Capability

40t, 50t, 80t Series AC Electric Arc Furnace

2×150t, 60t LF Ladle Refining Furnace

150t, 60t Series VD/VOD Furnace

20×18m Large Pouring Facility

We can pour 900t refining liquid steel one time, and achieve vacuum poured 600t steel ingots.

We can produce high-quality steel of more than 260 steel grades as carbon steel, structural alloy steel and the structural steel, refractory steel and stainless steel of special requirement. The maximum weight of casting steel, gray casting, graphite cast iron and non-ferrous casting is 600t, 200t, 150t and 20t separately.


Forging Capability

The only one in the word, the most technologically advanced and the largest specification 18500t Oil Press, equipped with 750t.m forging operation machine

8400t Water Press

3150t Water Press

1600t Water Press

Φ5m High Precision Ring Mill ( WAGNER, Germany)

Φ12m High Precision Ring Mill

We can roll rings of different sections of carbon steel, alloy steel, high-temperature alloy steel and non-ferrous alloys such as copper alloy, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy. Max. The diameter of rolled ring will be 12m.


Heat Treatment Capability

9×9×15m, 8×8×12m, 6×6×15m, 15×16×6.5m, 16×20×6m, 7×7×17m Series Heat Furnace and Heat Treatment Furnaces

φ2.0×30m, φ3.0×5.0m Series Heat Treatment Furnaces

φ5.0×2.5m, φ3.2×1.5m, φ3.0×5.0m, φ2.0×5m Series Carburizing Furnaces & Nitriding Furnaces & Quenching Bathes

φ2.0×30m Well Type CNC Electrical Furnaces

Φ3.0×5.0M Horizontal Gas Temperature-differential Furnace

Double-frequency and Double-position Quenching Lathe of Pinion Shaft


Machining Capability

1. ≥Ф5m CNC Heavy-Duty Vertical Lathes

Ф12m CNC Double-column Vertical Lathe

Ф10m CNC Double-column Vertical Lathe

Ф10m CNC Single-column Vertical Lathe

Ф6.3m Heavy-Duty Vertical Lathe

Ф5m CNC Heavy-Duty Vertical Lathe  

2. Horizontal Lathes

Ф6m×20m Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

Ф2m×10m Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

Ф2m×8m CNC Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe

3. ≥Ф5m Vertical Gear Hobbing Machines

Ф15m CNC Vertical Gear Hobbing Machine

Ф10m Gear Hobbing Machine

Ф8m Gear Hobbing Machine

Ф5m Gear Hobbing Machine

Ф3m Gear Hobbing Machining

4. Imported High-precision Gear Grinding Machines

Ф0.8m~Ф3.5m CNC Molding Gear Grinding Machines

5. Large Boring & Milling Machines

Ф220 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine

Ф200 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine

Ф160 CNC Floor-mounted Boring & Milling Machine

Inspection of Shell

Inspection Of Shell 1Inspection Of Shell 2

Inspection of End Cover

Inspection Of End Cover1Inspection Of End Cover2

Our Packaging and Delivery Ensure the Safe Arrival of Your Products!

Packaging And Delivery 3Packaging And Delivery 1

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