CIC has extensive experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing. With professional equipment and team, CIC can customize spare parts according to customer requirements. We can manufacture products required by customers according to different casting and forging standards and different materials. Our spare parts can be used for mills, rotary kilns, drum dryers, centrifuges and other equipment.

Do you want to get the best machinery and equipment at the most competitive price? CIC is your first choice.

Spare Parts

Girth Gear

As a casting and forging center in Central and South China, CIC has sophisticated equipment and a professional team.

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The mill liner can improve grinding efficiency and productivity, and reduce wear.

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CIC is a technologically advanced manufacturer of machinery and equipment, with capabilities for a complete set of machinery and equipment.

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Pinion Shaft

CIC has rich experience and long history in forging pinion gears and pinion shafts.

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Supporting Roller

CIC has an experienced team and sophisticated equipment in equipment such as rotary kilns and rotary dryers.

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Thrust Roller

CIC specializes in the design and production of complete sets of rotary machinery, and has made breakthroughs in technology.

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Vertical Mill Tiles

Long service life ensures the efficiency of vertical grinding rollers and grinding tables.

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Technical Service Equipment
CIC Customized and Intelligent Equipment
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