What Are the Advantages of Sludge Dryers?

Dehumidification uses desiccants to remove water vapor from the air. It actually reduces the amount of water held in the air. The result is dry air supplied to conveying systems and bulk storage systems. Older technology hot air systems simply raise the air temperature without changing the specific humidity. The amount of water and air contained therein remains constant. The dehumidification process does not depend on condensation in the refrigerant system. Desiccant units are effective all year round, even in sub-freezing conditions.

Drying systems are efficient and cost-effective solutions to humidity and temperature control problems. The outer cylinder of the sludge dryer machine (gas temperature does not exceed 100 to 90 °C) is achieved by conveying the material overflow (excess) and the respective positions of the blades, so that the total retention of the material is at least 20 minutes. Together with the final product, temperatures ranging from 80-85°C achieve a reliable degree of pasteurization.

Compared with other drying equipment, sludge drying machine has the following advantages:

(1) The rotary dryer has a large production capacity and can be operated continuously.

(2) The rotary dryer has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

(3) There are few faults, and the maintenance cost of the rotary dryer is low.

(4) It has a wide range of applications, and the rotary dryer can use it to dry granular materials, which is also beneficial to those materials with high adhesion.

(5) The rotary dryer has a large operation flexibility, and the output of the product is allowed to have a large and fluctuating range in production, which will not affect the quality of the product.

(6) The rotary dryer is easy to clean.

CITIC IC LUOYANG Sludge Dryer is an efficient, stable and reliable heating and drying equipment, and its performance is better than that of tube bundle sludge dryer and leaf sludge dryer. The dryer adopts "aligning roller device", so that the cooperation between the roller and the roller ring is always in linear contact, which greatly reduces the wear and power consumption. The machine is suitable for coal slurry, mud, gypsum felt, mud, high moisture expansive soil, electroplating mud and other materials. We have accumulated decades of experience in the production of sludge dryers, and through continuous improvement and R&D, we are seeking breakthroughs according to site and operating conditions to give our dryers more advantages.

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