Behind the Scenes of Quality Production: A Guided Customer Visit to Our Factory

We cordially welcomed our client Mr Xu, along with their end-customer Mr.Zheng, to visit and inspect our factory on September 6th. Under the guidance of our esteemed leader, Mr. Ji, we provided a comprehensive introduction to the manufacturing capabilities of our state-of-the-art facility.

We take great pride in our leading domestic gear processing group, which has the capacity to handle gears with a maximum diameter of 15 meters. Additionally, we possess advanced CNC machining centers that excel in precision machining up to dimensions of 5 meters wide and 12 meters long. Recently, we have also acquired state-of-the-art laser cutting machines capable of effortlessly cutting materials up to 50mm thick, enabling efficient and high-quality production. Furthermore, we are equipped with large rolling mills, fully automated gas shielded arc welding equipment, as well as top-notch heavy-duty vertical and horizontal lathes for precise machining of castings and forgings in various sizes.

Currently, we are fully engaged in the production of a diverse range of products. This includes deep well mine hoists that are exported to Africa, large-scale SAG mills that are exported to Russia, smelting furnaces processed for renowned domestic enterprises, and  series of aluminium rolling machines etc. We sincerely appreciate our customers' attention and the opportunity to showcase our extensive production capabilities. They have expressed their satisfaction with our processing expertise and have shown interest in future collaborations. We also look forward to your attention and cooperation in future.

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