Being the leader of trends - Application of a new type of ball press machine

As the global economy slows down, the once rough and ready production methods are gradually evolving towards a more economical, environmentally friendly, and intelligent direction. Previously, byproducts from industries such as coal, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, such as coal powder, slag, and metal shavings, were ignored and arbitrarily handled by manufacturers. Now, even the world's largest steel smelting company, Severstal also begin to realize that the disposal of steel slag may change the production line and bring higher economic benefits?

This brings us to today's protagonist - a Russian client, Mr. Gao, who speaks fluent Mandarin. He is currently representing the Severstal Group to find a suitable mining machinery manufacturer for a production line that presses converter sludge into blocks. Through on-site visits to our factory and our experience in providing a similar production line for a large Chinese steel company, we have won his favor and look forward to his and the end customer's visit in May.

Our advantage: Currently, blast furnace smelting generally uses sinter and roasting pellet metallurgy. This involves mixing iron concentrate, coke powder, bentonite, and other raw materials to form pellets and then feeding them into a belt or disc sintering machine for high-temperature sintering, or mixing iron concentrate with bentonite, pelletizing on a disc, then roasting in a vertical furnace before cooling for blast furnace smelting. Both of these methods involve high temperatures during roasting, inevitably consuming a large amount of energy during heating and causing environmental pollution. If the iron concentrate is mixed with coal powder and a binder, rolled and pelletized, then undergoes low-temperature maintenance to become iron carbon pellets with high cold and hot strength and good drum strength, and is then directly fed into blast furnace smelting, not only does it save the roasting process, significantly conserve energy, reduce costs, but also enhance profitability. On the other hand, it can increase blast furnace utilization and improve business efficiency.

High energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, intelligence, and pressure ultimately provide the perfect solution for customers to enhance their economic benefits. This is the win-win we CIC people pursue.

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