Slag Pots, Smoothly Being Loaded on the Vessel

After more than 7 days waiting at the port, 5 pieces of slag pots with 25 CBM & 52 tons each one, exported to Taiwan in China, have been loaded smoothly and successfully on the vessel, and been fixed in the bottom of the ship firmly and stably in the evening on 2nd September, 2022.


The slag pots are over weight parts, so two cranes with 40 tons lifting capacity and one balancer are used to hoisting them from the trucks to the vessel on the ports to ensure the safe and stable hoisting of the slag pots. Then the slag pots are bound and fixed in the bottom of the ship with wire ropes and steel wedges to make sure the safety during the sea transportation.

Now the slag pots have arrived at the site of End User, and be ready for acceptance inspection by the End User.

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