TUV final inspection for the Canadian shell

On January 17, 2024, TUV personnel did a final inspection of the Canadian rotary kiln shell undertaken CITICI IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery CO.,Ltd. This shell’s total length is 18.2 meters and its diameter is 3.8 meters. The shell is a part of the white mud rotary kiln. The shell adopts a segmented design, manufacturing, and overall assembly method, which requires high production capacity and needs to ensure the concentricity and overall coaxiality of the cylinder.    

The owner of the shell is the largest and world leading paper manufacturer in Canada, with high technical requirements for the products. However, the rotary kiln shell is our company's best product, with proficient production technology and many years of technical experience. With excellent technical strength, our company's manufacturing quality in all aspects has passed the TUV final inspection and reached the satisfaction of the shell owner.

The signing of the order is a reflection of CITIC IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd’s strength. Thanks to decades of accumulation in production and processing in the field of heavy equipment machinery, our products have been favored by customers from many countries and regions. We have provided ball mills and its spare parts to customers in countries such as Russia, Peru, and the United States, which have been recognized by the market. Next, CITIC IC will continuously expand our channels, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and further increase our efforts in international market development.

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