Packing of the Hebei Aojin project’s product

The project was signed at the beginning of this year, and the product of the project is composed of four pieces: inlet and outlet end cover, barrel body and barrel extension section. Recently,the project’s products completed packaging. The end users of these four products are foreign customers, who have strict requirements on product quality and very tight delivery time. In order to ensure the delivery time, during the production period, we actively coordinate the production processes, workers work overtime, all staff work together, through unremitting efforts, and finally completed the production and passed the inspection within the stipulated delivery period.

These products need to travel long distance by sea to reach their destination. In order to ensure these products arrive at their destination safely and in good condition, we carried out reasonable packaging.

1.Must meet the requirements of international trade packaging: plywood packaging.

2.The packaging must be firm and have anti-squeeze and anti-collision functions;

The products need to go through many links such as loading and unloading, inspection, and storage during transportation. In order to facilitate the operation, the packaging design should be reasonable: it should be easy to identify and inspect, and easy to load, unload and store.

Packaging is a very important part of international trade.We,CITIC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd will manufacture the High quality products at the same time we will provide.The professional and economical packaging to ensure that the products reach their destination safely.

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