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On December 25, 2023, CITIC IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery.,Co Ltd. produced two units φ five ×15m anode furnace has been successfully installed and will be sent to the customer's site, which has also attracted strong attention from the official media in Luoyang. In the company workshop, workers rush to meet the schedule and produce products such as mines, water and electricity, cement, etc., striving to make a good start in the first quarter of 2024.

These two anode furnaces have a single furnace body and supporting equipment weight of 385 tons. Although the diameter is as high as 5 meters, the eccentricity error of the center from one end of the furnace to the other end 15 meters away is less than 1 millimeter. The ultra-high concentricity ensures the smooth operation of the equipment, thereby helping to improve product quality and extend equipment life. During the production process, the enterprise establishes a technical team to fully utilize the 6 × The advantages of a large CNC machining cluster, including a 20 meter heavy-duty sleeper, have overcome a series of industry technical difficulties, and plans to apply for four national patents. The overall performance of the anode furnace has reached the industry's advanced level.

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