A special guest

Recently,CITIC IC welcomed a special customer from Canada, a welding engineer. He completed a week’s welding guidance work at CITIC IC and returned to Canada with praise for our company's personnel and full love for the work.

This guidance work is a "service package" jointly created by CITIC IC and the Canadian welding engineer for the project owner. The one week guidance work is full of "dry goods": how to draw lines inside the cylinder according to the project requirements, how to weld the feed flight segments, how to weld 1-inch and 4-inch hanger bases, how to use customized foxes, and how to weld carbon steel liner plates. In order to fully follow the final installation requirements of the project for welding construction.

In addition to providing guidance from foreign personnel to the headquarters of CITIC IC,CITIC IC mining machinery manufacturer also dispatches technical personnel to overseas market to provide after-sales, maintenance, and training for various projects. Provide in-depth explanations on the maintenance, fault diagnosis, root cause analysis, and solutions of overseas project hosts, and answer on-site questions, earning appreciation from overseas customers.

In recent years, Zhongshi Heavy Machinery's products have sold well in Southeast Asia, South America, and Russia, with exports growing continuously for many years. While its export performance continues to grow, CITIC IC continues to enhance its overseas market service guarantee capabilities and provide the highest quality services to overseas customers.

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