Gantry Milling Successfully Being Installed in our Workshop

In the mechanical industry, you must be familiar with the gantry milling machine, which is a grinder with a portal frame and a long horizontal bed. The gantry grinder is easy to operate, simple in structure and high in efficiency. it can use multiple milling cutters to process the surfaces of the parts at the same time. The machining accuracy and production efficiency are relatively high. It is suitable for the plane processing of large and medium-sized workpieces in batch and mass production.


In order to increase the processing efficiency and improve our machining capability, we CITICIC have bought a Φ5×12m heavy gantry milling machine with operating system of FANUC 0i-MF PLUS and working table of 4m×12m, and the bearable weight of the working table is 15000kg/m2. It is successfully installed in our workshop, and In the middle of November of 2022, our company CITICIC has held a commencement ceremony to celebrate it putting into use.


The introduction of the gantry milling machine will enlarge the parts we can manufacture, and bring our customers shorter delivery time.


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