Delivery of Aojin Project

On November 16th, 2023, the feed end cover, shell and shell extension section of Hebei Aojin Company manufactured by our CITIC IC Luoyang Heavy Machinery Co.,LTD were shipped smoothly. This project is the key project of our company, and its production and processing is difficult and the delivery time is short. In R & D design, the technical department constantly innovates on the basis of the original products to ensure that the design parameters are accurate and reliable. At the same time, the process, manufacturing, packaging, transportation and other links of efficient coordination; In the manufacturing process, a special technical service team for product processing is set up to be on call 24 hours a day at the scene to ensure the overall manufacturing accuracy and quality, which provides a guarantee for smooth delivery on schedule.

The end cover and the shell are important parts of the ball mill. The end cover is located at both ends of the cylinder of the ball mill and is supported on the bearing, which is mainly used to support materials, cylinders and media.

The shell of the China ball mill is its main part, usually made of welded steel plates, and the inner wall is lined with wear-resistant materials. The cylinder is divided into feeding end and discharging end. The feeding end is provided with feeding device, and the discharging end is provided with discharging device

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