CIC Project Focus: Smooth Delivery Of Canadian Kiln Shell

In April 2023, in the season of blooming flowers, we received a lovely customer. Amidst the beautiful peonies, he spoke highly of our company's production and processing capabilities. As we got to know each other better, we eventually reached a cooperation agreement on a rotary kiln. With the support of multiple parties including raw material review, production supervision, third-party inspection, and guidance from foreign technical experts, the rotary kiln shell, weighing 83 tons, with a diameter of 3.81 meters and a length of 18.3 meters, which was intended for a leading paper company in Canada, was successfully completed in our factory and delivered for use.

In April 2024, we finally welcomed the important moment of shipment. The CIC workshop is equipped with an overhead crane capable of lifting 150 tons of cargo. With the assistance of the overhead crane, the 83-ton Kiln Shell was easily lifted and successfully placed onto the transport vehicle. The goods will be transported from the factory to the seaport and then shipped by sea to the customer's site. We look forward to its excellent performance on-site! Please stay tuned as we will continue to track the installation and operation.

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