Successful Ex-work Delivery of the First Ring

After all the mechanical properties are tested to be qualified, we, CITICIC have arranged the following machining of the ring as earlier n as we can. During the machining, the operator has carefully reviewed the drawing, and carefully operated the machining process. Finally, the ring has passed all the inspection items and been ex-work delivered ahead of time, earlier than the expected delivery period by more than 30 days.

The blank of the ring is forged by CITIC, our parent company, on the 18400tons forging press which is the most advanced free forging equipment. So the quality of the blank is almost the best in China. In the influence of the COVID-19, in order to meet the requirement of very-short delivery period, we have communicated much with CITIC about the prior manufacturing of this blank, and tried our best to make every manufacturing step as close as possible.

Please believe our organization capability and the quality of our products, we can supply you the satisfactory product according to your special requirements.

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