CIC has successfully completed the installation and commission of grinding mills for Russian customer

Our company successfully completed the installation and commission of SAG grinding mills which had exported to Russia in August. The size of the mill has set a record of the company in manufacture, the technical standards are high and the production is difficult. This grinding mill is the first large-scale mill designed and manufactured independently by CIC. After the successful shipment at the end of August, a special after-sales service team was organized to go to the site for installation and commissioning and overcame many difficulties such as serious epidemic situation in Russia and quality problems of purchased parts. The on-site service personnel maintained 24-hour uninterrupted connection between China and Russia, actively communicated with customers and finally successfully completed the installation and commission task in a short 20 days! Fpr more technical specifications about ball mill installation and kiln installation, please contact CIC.

Semi Autogenous Mill

Installation and commissioning site of semi autogenous grinding mill

Semi Autogenous Grinding Mill

SAG Mining

Electrical engineer communicated with foreign site personnel for commissioning

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