Manager Ma from the Purchasing Department of Hebei Aojin Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd. visited our company

On January 6, 2023, Manager Ma of Purchasing Department, leaders of Technology Department, Quality Department and Quality Department from Hebei Aojin Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. visited our company and had a meeting and communication with Mr.Johnson Ji, Vice general manager of our company, Mrs. May Zhou, Director of Foreign Trade Department II and Manager Mr.Jonney Si of Supply Chain Department.

During the meeting in our company, we accompanied Manager Ma and his colleagues to visit the core equipment and products of our New Material Plant and Heavy Machinery Plant of our company, and discussed the relevant technical points of our company's industrial heavy machinery in depth.

During the discussion, Vice General Manager Mr. Johnson introduced in detail our company’s development strategy, business model and management ideas, as well as our recent achievements and breakthroughs in the field of complete engineering and spare parts service industry, and expressed the willingness to deepen the cooperation with Hebei Aojin Company and continuously extend the cooperation industry chain.

Manager Ma of Hebei Aojin Company thanked our company for the initial technical support about the grinding mill design and cement grinding machine, liners for grinding moills and other products during the meeting, and appreciated our company's achievements in the field of heavy equipment design, manufacturing, quality control and management ideas. He recognized the excellent products and professional services provided by our company, and expressed the hope that both sides will continue to maintain a comprehensive, long-term and close contact to lay the foundation for further cooperation in more fields.

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