Possible Problems and Solutions of Rod Mill

Rod mill is a kind of grinding equipment commonly used in the production of processing plant. Its working principle is that the asynchronous motor drives the reducer or synchronous motor to drive the pinion directly, and the pinion engages with the large gear ring fixed on the cylinder to drive the cylinder for rotary motion. In this process, the failure of the pinion and bearing of rod mill is the main factor causing the downtime of rod mill and the consumption of spare parts.

Production practice proves that reducing pinion and bearing failure of rod mill plays an important role in ensuring continuous operation of the system and reducing cost pressure. In the following, CIC rod mill manufacturer take you to analyze the main causes of pinion and bearing failure and give the corresponding solutions.

1. Rod mill installation error

When installed, there are errors in the flatness and parallelism of the rod mill cylinder, motor and reducer and pinion base. When the rod mill is running, the vibration of the transmission system makes the pinion and bearing subject to impact load, accelerating wear and tear, and even causing the pinion base to crack.

Solution: Since there are position and shape errors in the installation stage, the relative position changes should be measured regularly. Especially when the base sinks in a small amount, shims should be added to the base, and the influence of the base sinking should be eliminated by adjusting the thickness of the shims; when the base sinking amount exceeds the standard, the base should be re-poured.

2. Rod mill foot bolt pre-tightening is not timely

During the operation of the rod mill, the inertia force of the cylinder body will loosen the foot bolts of the motor, reducer or pinion bearing housing, resulting in the displacement of the transmission parts, causing different heart, thus generating vibration.

Solution: Check the ground bolts of motor and pinion base of rod mill in time. If loosening occurs, it should be tightened in time, and in serious cases, it should be stopped and the transmission system of rod mill should be corrected again.

3. The rod mill pinion gear does not change surface in time

The small gear is the active gear, the upper tooth surface is easy to wear when running, the tooth profile becomes thin, the tooth side clearance increases, easy to produce impact vibration, intensify the wear of the tooth surface. The cylindrical roller bearing installed on the pinion shaft after a period of operation, the roller column wear, bearing and pinion shaft between the axial, radial clearance increases, the pinion shaft radial runout, causing the gears of the top clearance changes, impact vibration and noise, tooth surface wear increased.

Solution: Regularly check the gear vice, bearing conditions. Once found that the size of the gear has a strange sound, rotation is not smooth, bearing temperature is abnormal, must be carefully checked to find the cause. When the top of the pinion gear teeth and large gear ring teeth root clearance is large, should readjust the gear vice center distance; when the pinion gear along the direction of rotation of the tooth surface wear is serious, should promptly change the surface, so that the other side for the main force surface; when the gear appears broken teeth, should be immediately replaced.

When the axial clearance of the bearing is large, the pinion shaft should be repaired; when the axial clearance and radial clearance cannot be adjusted, or when the roller column shows pitting corrosion and inflexible rotation, it should be replaced immediately.

4. Rod mill gear vice foreign body cleaning is not timely

Ore slurry leakage and lubricating oil mixed with fouling, resulting in foreign matter. Although there is an anti-sand ring installed outside the big gear ring to prevent the slurry from entering the tooth surface, its sealing performance is poor. The lining plate inside the cylinder is fixed by bolts, after running for a period of time, the lining plate bolts near the big gear ring are gradually loosened, if not tightened in time, the slurry is thrown out through the lining plate bolt holes and enters the meshing surface of the big and small gears, which will destroy the lubricating oil film on the tooth surface and make the gears appear dry grinding, resulting in direct contact of the tooth surface, affecting the normal meshing of the gears and damaging the gears; sometimes the slurry and lubricating oil dirt condenses in the root of the teeth, making gear mesh is not normal.

Solution: When there is a foreign body in the gears, the foreign body should be cleaned up first, then check the fastening of the rod mill liners, and at the same time do a good job of lubrication of the gears. If the fixed bolt is loose, it should be tightened in time; if the fixed bolt is slipped or worn seriously, it should be replaced immediately; replace the rubber gasket in time, clean the slurry and oil in the root of the teeth regularly, and clean the meshing surface of the large and small gears.

For the parts and causes of rod mill failure, we can start from installation, adjustment and daily maintenance to develop and implement solution measures to reduce the failure rate of rod mill pinion and bearing from the source and ease the cost pressure, so as to realize continuous, stable and balanced production of rod mill.

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