Solutions to the Problems of Small Gears and Bearings in Rod Mills

Given the important role of small gears and bearings in continuous operation and cost reduction, a specific analysis has been conducted to find targeted solutions to these issues. The specific solutions are as follows:

Monitor the foundation settlement of the rod mill

After the rod mill is put into operation, due to the flatness and parallelism errors during installation, it is necessary to regularly measure the foundation settlement.

Pre-tighten the anchor bolts of the rod mill

Regularly check the anchor bolts of the motor and the base of the rod mill. If they are loose, tighten them in a timely manner. If the situation is severe, stop the operation and re-calibrate the transmission system of the rod mill.

Regularly inspect the gear pairs and bearing conditions of the rod mill

Once abnormal noises are detected in the gear pairs or if they rotate unevenly, or if there is abnormal bearing temperature, careful inspection should be carried out to find the cause.

When there is a large gap between the tooth tip of the small gear and the tooth root of the large gear, the gear pair center distance should be readjusted; when the tooth surface of the small gear is severely worn along the rotation direction, it should be reversed so that the other side becomes the main force-receiving surface; when a gear tooth breaks, it should be immediately replaced;

When the axial clearance of the bearing is large, repair the small gear shaft; when the radial clearance of the small gear is too large, add copper plates. When the axial and radial clearances cannot be adjusted, or when spalling or poor rotation of the rollers occurs, immediate replacement is required.

Timely check the fastening of the rod mill liners and clean foreign objects

When foreign objects appear in the gear pair, clean them first, then check the fastening of the liners.

Ensure good lubrication of the gear pairs of the rod mill

Currently, the old series rod mills adopt intermittent lubrication by manually adding oil through the oil holes on the gear cover during each shift. The new series transmission system of the rod mill uses a fully automatic lubrication device to lubricate the gear pairs, which reduces the labor intensity of workers, improves the lubrication conditions, and increases the service life of the gear pairs.

Strengthen the management of the rod mill equipment

Enhance professional training for equipment and improve staff operating skills; further standardize, quantify, and refine various management regulations, maintenance procedures, overhaul technical standards, and inspection standards. By implementing various systems, regulations, and standards, gradually strengthen the foundation management of equipment and achieve standardized, regulated, procedural, and informational equipment management.

To reduce the failure rate of small gears and bearings in rod mills, alleviate cost pressures, and achieve continuous, stable, and balanced production of the rod mill sand system, enhance the supply capacity of filling aggregates, and better meet the needs of underground production, measures should be formulated and implemented from both technical and managerial perspectives, targeting the parts and reasons for rod mill failures.

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