Performance Characteristics of Lime Rotary Kiln

Lime rotary kiln, also known as drum rotary kiln, has an advanced structure. The reliable combined scale seals at both ends of the rotary kiln make the air leakage coefficient less than 10%. Composite refractory materials are used to reduce radiation heat loss.

Ⅰ. The structure of lime rotary kiln

The raw material for lime production is a natural calcium carbonate (commonly known as limestone). The lime rotary kiln is a continuous rotary kiln that calcines limestone at high temperature to produce quicklime. The rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder body, a supporting device, a supporting device with retaining wheels, a transmission device, a movable kiln head, a kiln tail sealing device, a burner and other components.

The cylinder of the lime rotary kiln is made of rolled steel plates. The cylinder is inlaid with refractory lining and has a specified slope with the horizontal line. It is supported by the tires on each supporting device. A large ring gear is fixed on the cylinder with a tangential spring plate, and a small gear meshes with it below it. During normal operation, the main drive motor transmits power to the open gear device through the main reducer to drive the rotary kiln, and the materials enter the kiln from the kiln tail (high end of the cylinder) for calcination. Due to the inclination and slow rotation of the cylinder, the material rolls in the circumferential direction and moves in the axial direction (from high end to low end), and continues to complete its process. Finally, the raw clinker enters the cooler through the kiln hood for cooling. The flame generated by fuel combustion is sprayed into the kiln from the kiln head, and the exhaust gas generated by combustion is exchanged with the material and then exported from the kiln tail.

Ⅱ. Outstanding advantages of lime rotary kiln

1. Save operating costs

The new lime rotary kiln adopts a new combustion technology, which can make full use of fuel energy, improve combustion efficiency, reduce energy consumption and operating costs, and save operating costs for corporate customers.

2. Low cost of materials

On the basis of the preheater, the cooler is used to make the lime temperature out of the cooler 80°C + ambient temperature, which is convenient for transportation and storage, and the secondary air entering the kiln can be preheated to above 700°C, reducing the number of moving parts and special material.

3. Lime is of good quality

The lime produced by the new lime rotary kiln equipment has the advantages of strong chemical reaction ability, small bulk density, and large specific surface area. It is currently the most important auxiliary material for steelmaking, coking, and calcium carbide industries.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving

The application of new technology greatly improves the utilization rate of fuel, and there is no longer a large amount of pollution. It is not only a kind of protection for the environment, but also meets the development requirements of the country for energy saving, emission reduction, low-carbon and environmental protection.

5. High decomposition rate

The vertical preheater with advanced structure and low pressure loss can effectively improve the preheating effect. After preheating, the decomposition rate of limestone entering the kiln can reach 20%-25%, and fine-grained limestone can be directly used.

6. Low energy consumption

Reliable combined scale seals at both ends of the rotary kiln. Make the air leakage coefficient less than 10%. In addition, CIC rotary kiln manufacturer choose composite refractory materials to reduce radiation heat loss. The equipment is easy to maintain and low energy consumption.

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