How to Distinguish the Quality of the Bearing of Rod Mill

Bearing is an important part in the operation of equipment. Its quality directly affects the service life of rod mill equipment. Rod mill manufacturer has their own tips on how to identify the quality of rod mill bearings. This article will share with you .

The working principle of the rod mill

The rod mill is decelerated by the motor through the reducer and the surrounding large gears, or the low-speed synchronous motor is directly decelerated through the surrounding large gears of the rod mill to drive the cylinder to rotate, and the cylinder is equipped with an appropriate grinding medium-steel rod. Under the action of centrifugal force and friction force, the grinding medium is lifted to a certain height, and falls in the state of throwing or obliquely falling. The ground material enters the cylinder continuously from the feeding port, and is moved by the moving grinding medium. Crush, and discharge the product out of the machine through the force of overflow and continuous feeding, so as to carry out the next stage of operation.

The use of rod mill

The quality of rod mill bearings is mainly judged from the following three points

Feel the quality of the rod mill bearing through the surface

In the process of selling rod mill bearings, many customers say that as long as the surface of the rod mill bearing is bright, the quality is good, which is wrong. The brightness of the bearing surface of the rod mill should be a kind of blackness, which is caused by whether the steel used in the bearing of the rod mill meets the standard, its grinding process and the cutting fluid used, among which the first two items are host.

Whether the chamfer is bright

The chamfer of the rod mill bearing does not determine the quality of the rod mill bearing, but it reflects the processing method of the rod mill bearing. The chamfer is black, which means that after heat treatment such as quenching, the hardness of the rod mill bearing has been increased, and some people think that this is not good-looking because it has not been processed completely, which is a misunderstanding.

Is it better to have a one-piece cage or a two-body cage?

The one-body cage is better than the two-body cage. Although the new technology uses the one-piece cage, it only saves materials, and its performance on rotation and the like is worse than that of the two-body cage.

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