Ball Mill Equipment: Where Do We Start to Improve Work Efficiency?

Efficiency of ball mill equipment means that more output can be produced per unit of time while ensuring material processing quality. Currently, there are many manufacturers and brands of China ball mill, and the technology and principles are basically the same, with more differences in details and process quality. So, how can users improve work efficiency when the manufacturer's design capability remains unchanged?

Structure of industrial ball mill

Ball grinding machine mainly consist of feeding, feeding, barrel, and discharging working parts, as well as driving components such as bearings, transmission parts, reducers, and couplings. The barrel is welded with steel plates, and the two ends are connected to the hollow shafts of the feeding and discharging parts respectively by bolts, and is horizontally supported by two main bearings. The inner neck of the hollow shaft of the feeding and discharging parts is internally equipped with an interchangeable lining sleeve to use it as a passage for feeding and discharging. The inner wall of the barrel is equipped with a high manganese steel lining plate and a white cast iron lining plate, and the barrel is filled with a certain number of grinding media (balls or rods) and materials to be ground.

Working principle of industrial ball mill

When the barrel rotates at the selected correct speed around the horizontal axis, due to the centrifugal force, the quality point of the mixture rises to a certain height in the barrel, and then detaches from the inner wall of the barrel and falls along the trajectory of the parabola. The material is ground finer, partly because of the heavy impact of the media (balls or rods) falling on the material, and partly because the material is crushed between the media and the media and between the media and the inner wall of the barrel while rolling in the barrel. In industrial ball mills that work continuously, the ground material is continuously fed from the feed end of the ball mill, and the ground product is discharged from the other end of the ball mill with the assistance of the pushing force, hydraulic force (wet production with wet ball mill), or wind force (dry production with dry grinding ball mill) of the input material and the extraction of the lifting grid plate.

Methods to improve the efficiency of industrial ball mills

To improve the efficiency of the grinding system of the grinding equipment as a whole, it is necessary to ensure that the operating state of the equipment is reasonable and that the powder grinding system has no failures or abnormalities. Secondly, external factors such as feeding standards must be ensured, and the feeding checkpoint should firmly grasp the quantity and quality of the feeding. Only by combining both can the grinding efficiency of the grinding equipment system be improved. The feeding standards for each type of grinding equipment are different. Energy-saving ball mills can grind most ores, but there are also clear indicators in terms of feed particle size, hardness, and water content. Once the physical and chemical properties of the material itself exceed the range that can be tolerated, the operation and production capacity of the industrial ball mill will be affected. Hardness and humidity are usually analyzed and compared with the applicable standards in order to ensure optimal performance of the ball mill.

Improving the production capacity of the ball mill is in order to improve the grinding efficiency of the ball mill system. The main factors affecting the efficiency of the industrial ball mill grinding system include mill ventilation cycles, wind pressure, the number of grinding media, lining materials and shapes, and groove hardness. Reasonable adjustment of all kinds of influencing factors, such as feed particle size, feed water content, and feed size, can improve the efficiency of the equipment.


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