What Should I Do when the Water Temperature of the Cement Ball Mill is Too High?

The cement ball mill is an indispensable equipment in the cement plant, so the use frequency of the cement ball mill is very high, it is inevitable to encounter some situations where the temperature of the ball mill is overheated. When the water temperature of the ball mill machine is too high, we need to find the reasons from all aspects to solve this problem.

1. It is necessary to reduce the temperature of the cement ball mill into the clinker

(1) Strengthen the management of materials, avoid the clinker with high temperature entering the grinding head bin, and prohibit the red material from entering the grinding;

(2) Water is sprayed on the clinker belt of the cement ball mill;

(3) Water is sprayed in the cooler to reduce the temperature of the clinker.

These two water spraying measures have obvious cooling effects, but they also have side effects. Spraying water in the cooler can easily bring some water vapor into the crusher at the end of the cooler. The water vapor captures the clinker dust and forms a bond on the inner wall of the crusher, which will affect the normal operation of the crusher for a long time; Spraying water on the material belt will reduce the cement strength and affect the normal production of the enterprise.

2. The water spray cooling of the cement ball mill barrel should be used

In small ball mills, the cylinder is usually sprayed with water to reduce the temperature of the grinding cement. According to the calculation of the heat balance of the mill, in the heat discharged from the mill, the heat radiated from the surface of the cylinder accounts for about 6% of the total calories, so the effect is limited. Moreover, after the large-scale industrial ball mill, the barrel surface area of the ball mill unit output decreases a lot. From the barrel surface of the ball mill, the proportion of heat dissipation in the total heat is getting smaller and smaller. The water spray on the surface of the cylinder wastes resources and pollutes the environment, so it is no longer used in large-scale grinding mill machine systems.

3. The temperature of the cement ball mill is too high to strengthen the heat dissipation of the grinding system

Cement grinding machine system has a large number of equipment and pipes, and the surface for heat dissipation is large. Strengthening the heat dissipation of the system is mainly to use the surface of the system to strengthen the cooling to dissipate heat, such as spraying atomized water to the outer side wall of the powder separator, and making a water tank along the outer side of the screw conveyor. Tests have shown that the temperature of the cement has decreased but it is not obvious, and it is easy to cause water in the equipment, so it should be used with caution.


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