What is a Cement Ball Mill? How to Use It?

Cement ball mill is a kind of equipment for further fine grinding of materials, with high fineness. It is widely used in industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement and other industries. The operation is dangerous. How to operate the cement ball mill correctly?

Ⅰ. Introduction of cement ball mill

Cement ball mill is a kind of equipment for fine grinding of materials. It is a device for the next step of fine grinding of coarse-grained materials. They including overflow ball mill, wet grid ball mill and dry ball mill. It can increase the fineness of the material to 500 to 1000 meshes. At present, it belongs to the equipment of two grinding properties. When the equipment arrives, it will crush the bulky material to about 50 mesh, and then put the material of this fineness into the cement ball mill for secondary grinding. The fineness of grinding should be controlled according to the length of time. Generally, the grinding time can range from one hour to ten hours, and the fineness can reach 800 to 900 meshes.

The cement ball mill is usually around a few tons, because of the cooling effect of water, so the output can be increased appropriately. Small cement ball mills have a wide range of uses, from various building materials to various foods and other materials. As a kind of grinding machine, cement ball mill is an indispensable important equipment in many building materials industry. It has a wide range of uses and good results. Therefore, many manufacturers and users are using overflow ball mill, wet grid ball mill and dry ball mill. We are one of the top industrial grinding mill manufacturers in China.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using cement ball mill

First is the daily management. Most of the cement ball mills can be produced in 24 hours. Therefore, the machine basically rotates on a shaft. At this time, daily management and maintenance are particularly important. In daily management, we should pay attention to checking the use of lubricating oil in each component, and regularly check and repair the lubricated parts and add lubricating oil. Because there will be a lot of dust in the production process, the use of lubricating oil will be damaged very quickly. We must deal with two aspects. On the one hand, we must increase the frequency of lubrication. Ensure that the lubricant is maintained at all times. In addition, we must clean up and protect the dust to extend the service life of the lubricant as much as possible. Clean the excess dust regularly, and then take some protective measures to prevent excessive dust from entering the parts that need lubrication.


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The second is cleaning work. Generally speaking, the working environment of cement ball mills is relatively harsh, and there will be a lot of dust or debris. Therefore, when we perform a production, we must clean up the stains. The cleaning work has two main functions. On the one hand, it can increase the life of the equipment, and the working time in the link without stains will be longer and the life will be longer. On the other hand, the quality of our raw materials is also improved, which avoids the contamination of our raw materials and output by stains, and can greatly improve the quality of our products.

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