What are the precautions when using a flotation machine to float graphite ore?


1. Grinding of minerals:

Before flotation of graphite ore, it needs to be ground to better mix with the flotation reagents. The fineness of the mineral has a significant impact on the flotation effect, so it is necessary to control the fineness of grinding.

2. Selection of flotation reagents:

In CIC mining machinery manufacturer, Different flotation reagents have different effects on the flotation of graphite ore. Generally, flotation reagents for graphite ore include yellow medicine and oleic acid. When using flotation reagents, the dosage and concentration need to be controlled to ensure the flotation effect.

3. Control of bubbles:

Bubbles are an important factor in flotation, and it is necessary to control the size and quantity of bubbles. Generally, smaller bubbles are better, and the quantity also needs to be moderate to maximize the contact area between minerals and bubbles.

4. Operating precautions:

When operating the flotation machine, attention should be paid to safety issues, avoiding mineral splashing and flotation machine damage. At the same time, equipment maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure normal operation.


Overall, flotation of graphite ore requires consideration of multiple factors, and continuous summarization and improvement in practice are necessary to achieve the best flotation effect.


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