Types of Fertilizer Granulators: Innovations from CICE Pelletizer Machine Factory

Fertilizer granulators play a pivotal role in modern agriculture, facilitating the production of high-quality fertilizers that boost crop yields and improve soil health. The CICE Pelletizer Machine Factory, a leading manufacturer in the field, offers a diverse range of fertilizer granulators, each tailored to specific working principles and materials. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various types of fertilizer granulators, fertilizer granulator shedding light on their working principles and materials used.

Fertilizer Granulators by Different Working Principles

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine

Working Principle:

The Rotary Drum Granulating Machine is a widely used fertilizer granulator that operates on the principle of agglomeration. It consists of a large, rotating drum equipped with an inclined internal plate. Raw materials, including powdered or granulated fertilizers and liquid binders, are introduced into the drum. As the drum rotates, the materials adhere to the inclined plate and form agglomerates or granules. These granules are then discharged from the drum and can undergo further drying and screening processes.


Production of granular fertilizers, including compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and NPK fertilizers.

Beneficial for materials that are difficult to pelletize using other methods.

Suitable for large-scale fertilizer production due to its high throughput.

Stirring Tooth Granulator

Working Principle:

The Stirring Tooth Granulator, also known as a pan granulator, operates through a combination of stirring and agglomeration. It features a rotating pan with a series of stirring teeth mounted on the inner surface. Raw materials are introduced into the pan, and a binder, often water or a liquid fertilizer, is sprayed onto the material bed. The stirring teeth continuously mix and agitate the materials, promoting granulation through a rolling and compacting action.


Ideal for producing granular organic fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and bio-organic fertilizers.

Well-suited for materials that require thorough mixing and precise control over granule size.

Offers a high degree of flexibility in adjusting granule size and composition.

Two-in-One Pelleting Equipment

Working Principle:

The Two-in-One Pelleting Equipment is a versatile machine that combines the principles of extrusion and agglomeration. It consists of an extrusion system and a granulation system. In the extrusion system, raw materials are forced through an extrusion die, resulting in cylindrical or prismatic shapes. These shapes then enter the granulation system, where they are further agglomerated and compacted into granules.


Suitable for producing cylindrical or prismatic granules of various fertilizer types.

Offers precise control over granule size and shape.

Enables the incorporation of multiple materials into a single granule, allowing for customized fertilizer blends.

Fertilizer Granulators by Materials in Pelleting Disc

Disk Type Granulator

Working Principle:

The Disk Type Granulator, often referred to as a pan pelletizer, operates by agglomerating powdered or granulated materials through the rotation of a disc. Raw materials are evenly spread onto the disc's surface, and as it rotates, they adhere to the disc's pan and form granules. A binder, such as water or a liquid additive, may be sprayed onto the materials to enhance agglomeration.


Used for producing a wide range of granular fertilizers, including compound fertilizers, organic fertilizers, and bio-organic fertilizers.

Well-suited for materials that require controlled agglomeration and size distribution.

Effective in producing uniformly sized and shaped granules.

Fertilizer Polishing Machine

Working Principle:

The Fertilizer Polishing Machine is a post-granulation device used to refine and polish the surface of fertilizer granules. It consists of a rotating drum equipped with soft rubber or polyurethane lining. As granules are introduced into the drum, they undergo a tumbling motion. During this process, excess fines and irregularities on the granule surface are removed, resulting in smoother and more polished granules.


Applied after granulation to enhance the appearance and quality of fertilizer granules.

Particularly beneficial for improving the marketability of fertilizers by giving them a polished, uniform finish.

Helps reduce dust and caking during storage and transportation.

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Fertilizer granulators are indispensable in modern agriculture, enabling the production of high-quality fertilizers essential for crop growth and soil enrichment. The CICE Pelletizer Machine Factory offers a diverse range of fertilizer granulators, each tailored to specific working principles and materials. Whether it's the Rotary Drum Granulating Machine's agglomeration, the Stirring Tooth Granulator's stirring action, or the Two-in-One Pelleting Equipment's combination of extrusion and agglomeration, CICE provides innovative solutions to meet various fertilizer production needs. Additionally, the Disk Type Granulator and Fertilizer Polishing Machine cater to specific materials and post-granulation requirements, ensuring the production of premium-quality fertilizers. With CICE's commitment to innovation and precision engineering, the agriculture industry can continue to rely on advanced fertilizer granulators for sustainable and efficient crop cultivation.

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