The Working Principle and Advantages of the Rod Mill

The rod mill is a kind of equipment for grinding ore. According to different working conditions, the rod mill performs different grinding tasks. Generally speaking, the rod mill is especially suitable for rough grinding. At present, the rod mill is widely used, and is widely used in the preparation of coal-water slurry in coal chemical industry, quartz sand, silica sand, sand aeration, tungsten ore, potassium albite, bauxite, and other industries. The rod mill is generally used for refractory, chemical, metallurgy, glass, and other industries. Besides, the grinding operations that require higher uniformity of finished products is generally operated by the rod mill. However, what is the working principle and performance characteristics of the rod mill? Next, let's take a look with CITIC IC LUOYANG HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD, one of the top rod mill manufacturers.

1. The working principle of the rod mill

When the rod mill is working, the cylinder body rotates under the drive of the motor through the reducer and the peripheral large gear deceleration transmission or the low-speed synchronous motor directly through the peripheral large gear deceleration transmission. Inside the barrel is the appropriate grinding media (the steel rod). Under the combined action of centrifugal force and frictional force, the grinding medium is brought up to a certain height and falls down in a state of throwing or cascading. The raw materials continuously enter the cylinder from the ore feeding port and are crushed by the moving grinding medium. Under the action of continuous ore feeding, the products are discharged out of the machine and proceed to the next stage of processing operations.

2. Advantages of the rod mill

(1) The discharge particle size of the rod mill is uniform and its output is high.

(2) There are many types of rod mills, which can be reasonably selected according to different materials.

(3) There are two types of rod mills: dry type and wet type, and you can choose according to your actual situation. The working principle of the rod mill makes the rod mill suitable for many large industries or production lines. In order to avoid the harm caused by over crushing, the rod mill is often used in gravity separation or magnetic separation plants of tungsten tin ore and other rare metal ores. When used in the second-stage grinding process, if the first stage is from 20-6mm to 3-1mm, the rod mill is used as the first-stage industrial grinding mill equipment, which has a large production capacity and high efficiency. When used for the second stage of fine grinding, the productivity and efficiency of the rod mill are lower than that of the ball mill china.

(4) Sometimes the rod mill can replace the short-head cone crusher for fine crushing. When dealing with less hard ores, the 19-25mm ore be ground to 6-10mm, the configuration of the rod mill and the sieve in a closed circuit is simple and the cost is low. Besides, the dust removal in the crushing workshop can be simplified. For hard ores, the more economical method is to use a short-head cone crusher to form a closed circuit with the screen. The choice of ball mill or rod mill in the design must be determined according to the specific situation.

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