The Structure of the Rod Mill

The rod mill is a kind of grinding equipment that uses steel rods as grinding medium. Its structure is similar to that of the ball mill china. In mineral processing plants, rod mill manufacturers are mostly used as coarse grinding operations or as fine crushing equipment in crushing operations. This article will mainly introduce the structure of the rod mill. The structure of the rod mill is mainly composed of the cylinder part, the feeding and discharging device, the main bearing, the transmission device, and so on. These components are briefly introduced below.

1. The barrel of the rod mill 

The barrel of the rod mill is its main component, which consists of hollow shafts at both ends, inlet and outlet bushings, and barrels. Both ends are connected with the inlet and outlet hollow shafts respectively with bolts and horizontally supported on the two main bearings. On the bearing bush, a feeding screw cylinder is installed in the inlet and outlet hollow shafts, and a wear-resistant lining plate is installed in the cylinder. Besides, a rubber pad is installed between the steel lining plate and the cylinder end cover to play the role of noise reduction and shock resistance. In addition, there are gaskets at the bolts of the lining plate, which can effectively prevent leakage. The hollow shaft is inlaid with an inlet and outlet bushing to protect the hollow shaft, and the bushing and the hollow shaft are filled with thermal insulation materials.

2. The feeding and discharging device of the rod mill 

The feeding device of the rod mill is generally a boot-shaped hopper. Besides, the upper flange is connected with the feeding equipment to accept the fed materials. The materials in the hopper are naturally accumulated to form a certain slope to prevent wear of the hopper. There is an inspection door on the rear wall of the hopper, which is formed into a circular tube and extends into the spiral cylinder mounted on the hollow shaft, and then the material enters the mill.

Rod mill discharge device is a cover made of a steel plate.

3. The main bearing of the rod mill

The main bearing of the rod mill is one of the components that ensure its normal operation. It is mainly supported by the bearing bush on the spherical seat. And the main bearing main bush is lubricated by dynamic and static pressure, which is generally used when the static pressure (ie high pressure) oil is started and stopped. The dynamic pressure (ie low pressure) oil plays both a lubricating and cooling role when the industrial grinding mill is working. The high-pressure start-up rod mill can greatly reduce the start-up load of the mill, avoid scratching the bearing bush, and improve the operation efficiency of the rod mill. Before the rod mill stops running, high-pressure oil is supplied to the main bearing to float the journal completely. After the rod mill stops running, the cylinder is cooled to room temperature, and then the high-pressure oil pump is turned off to prevent the cylinder from cooling, shrinking, and scratching the bearing bush and prolong the service life of the bearing bush.

4. The transmission device of the rod mill 

The rod mill transmission device is a transmission system composed of transmission bearings, elastic couplings, and reducers. The elastic couplings not only transmit torque but also play the role of shock absorption and adapt to manufacturing and installation errors. The actual operation is stable. It should be noted that the arrangement of the transmission device of the rod mill is not allowed to be changed arbitrarily. If there is any change, it must be ensured that the force of the pinion on the large gear is straight upward, and thus determines the rotation direction of the rod mill. At the same time, the structure of all directional components must be changed, which is generally not allowed.

5. The large and small gears of the rod mill 

The large and small gears of the rod mill are driven by helical gears. The work is balance and with small impact. Besides, their service life is long.

6. The lubrication system of the rod mill 

The lubrication of the rod mill adopts spray lubrication and regular oil injection, which reduces the labor intensity of workers. The lubricating effect is good and the consumption of lubricating oil is reduced.

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