The Basic Problems that Occur when the Grinding Ball Machine is Running

1. The proportion of steel balls in the grinding ball mill machine

Different ball mill models have different total ball loading. During the running in process of the grinding ball machine, the amount of steel balls is only increased by 80%. Because after the grinding ball machine is installed, the large and small teeth of the ball mill need to be meshed, and the processing capacity (ore volume) should be gradually increased. After the ball mill operates normally for two or three days, stop the ball mill, check the meshing of the large and small gears, and open the hole cover of the ball mill to add the remaining 20% steel balls when everything is normal.

2. How to determine the speed of the grinding ball mill machine

When other conditions remain unchanged, the motion state of grinding medium in the cylinder depends on the speed of the grinding ball mill. The grinding effect is different with the movement state of the medium.

1) When the rotation speed of the grinding ball mill is low, the medium is dominated by falling motion, the impact effect is small, the grinding effect is mainly grinding, and the production capacity of the ball mill is low, which is suitable for fine grinding;

2) When the rotating speed of the grinding ball mill is high, the proportion of the medium throwing movement mode increases, and the impact effect is strong. The grinding effect is mainly impact, followed by grinding and stripping, which is conducive to crushing coarse-grained materials, and the production capacity of the ball mill is high. The filling rate of the ball mill is different, and the required speed when the useful power reaches a large value is also different. The higher the filling rate is, in order to ensure that the inner ball can also be in the throwing movement, the higher the speed of the ball mill is required, so as to make the useful power reach a larger value and make the ball mill have greater productivity.

3. Judge whether the grinding ball mill machine is bulging

1) The current indicated by the ammeter of the main motor of the grinding ball mill is declining;

2) The overflow of the classifier begins to "coarsen", the amount of sand returned is gradually increasing, the overflow type ball mill concentration increases and the particle size becomes coarser;

3) Ore slurry is ejected from the feed end of the grinding ball mill;

4) The running sound of the grinding ball mill is dull, the noise becomes smaller, and the impact and falling sound of the steel ball can hardly be heard;

5) there are obvious changes in flotation froth, maladjustment of flotation reagent and weakening of mineralization.

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