Maintenance and Adjustment of Rotary Kiln for Cement

With the development of society, industries such as building materials, metallurgy, and chemical industry have also begun to see the traces of rotary kilns. At present, rotary kilns are developing rapidly and have various types. With the rapid development of economy and science and technology, the demand for rotary kilns in various national economic production departments will also increase, and the application will become more and more extensive. With the increase of demand and the improvement of scientific research level, the automatic production technology of rotary kiln has made a great leap. Nevertheless, due to the relatively low level of automation control and mechanical manufacturing capacity, the design and manufacture of production technology and equipment of rotary kiln for cement still need to continue to be studied.

1. Health maintenance of rotary kiln for cement

(1) Current situation of rotary kiln equipment maintenance

Every piece of equipment has its importance, and it affects the whole body. The operation of a piece of equipment will have an important and direct impact on the product quality, production efficiency, and maintenance costs of the enterprise. Lightly affects the output, and seriously affects the reputation of the company. Therefore, the top priority of the production of corresponding enterprises is the management and maintenance of rotary kiln for cement equipment. At present, the planned maintenance and post-event maintenance system is a commonly used method for the management and maintenance of the equipment in the production of enterprises, that is, a maintenance system in which planned maintenance, state maintenance and post-event maintenance coexist. Perfecting the system can reduce the economic losses caused by inadequate maintenance during the production process.

(2) Rotary kiln health maintenance strategy 

The development direction of the equipment management system is the health maintenance of equipment management. Therefore, we should strengthen the inspection and regular maintenance of the rotary kiln for cement, and judge whether there are hidden threats to the operation status and health status of the rotary kiln, so as to formulate the maintenance plan of the rotary kiln for cement, and make adjustments to optimize the operation status of the rotary kiln. . The health maintenance strategy of rotary kiln can be divided into three parts: planned maintenance (shutdown maintenance), condition maintenance (maintenance adjustment) and post-event maintenance.

2. Health status and adjustment of rotary kiln for cement equipment

The healthy state of the supporting shaft, the supporting roller and the rolling ring is heated by the supporting roller in the supporting roller supporting assembly of the supporting roller, the supporting roller shaft and the supporting bearing, and will be press-fitted on the shaft, while the sliding bearing at both ends is the shaft support. From this, it is easy to find that the fatigue crack of the general idler shaft occurs in the high stress concentration part of the shaft of the idler end face, so it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of this aspect to make it reach a healthy state. The function of the rolling ring is to apply thousands of tons of load to the supporting roller, which is driven by friction and the supporting roller to drive the supporting roller shaft and the supporting roller to overcome the friction torque at the shaft end to rotate. The supporting roller supports the load of the rotary kiln shell, refractory bricks, materials, kiln skin, rolling ring and other rotating parts. Surface fatigue damage is a problem that is prone to occur in the supporting roller. The looper on the cylinder is the rotary kiln rolling ring, which is supported by two supporting rollers, so the rolling ring is prone to the problem of cracking on the inner surface.

(1) Reasonable adjustment of rotary kiln for cement 

Dry method and wet method are the classification of rotary kiln for cement. To adjust the rotary kiln for cement equipment reasonably, you must be familiar with the drawings, measure and adjust according to the contents of the drawings, and make all preparations before installation. Next, become familiar with the equipment, understand the purpose and shortcomings of each equipment, and conduct regular inspections. The training of technicians needs to be strengthened to suit the needs.

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