How to Judge the Blockage of the ​Industrial Ball Mill in Time?

During the grinding process of the ball mill, the balance of the materials entering and leaving the ore mill is out of balance, and the blockage is not a sudden occurrence, but a process of occurrence, development to deterioration, and various abnormal phenomena in this process. If it happens, it is necessary to strengthen the sense of responsibility, find out in time and make corresponding adjustments to solve this problem. We are one of the top industrial grinding mill manufacturers. The blockage of industrial ball mills can be judged from the following phenomena.

Ⅰ. Observe the current of the industrial ball mill

The ball mill in normal operation shows that the ammeter pointer of the main motor current always swings in a small range, indicating that the current change is small. Because the number of materials in the ball mill increases, the space is occupied by a large amount of materials, so the medium's range of movement is small, the useful work used to lift the medium decreases, and the center of gravity of the ball mill load (medium, ore) rises. That is, the distance from the center of the ball mill is reduced, the resistance torque generated by the eccentricity is reduced, the power required to overcome the resistance torque is reduced, and the total energy consumption of the mill is reduced, and the current reading reflected by the ammeter is reduced. The more severe the bloating, the more the current drop, and it drops to the extreme when the industrial ball mill is blocked. Therefore, once the operator finds that the current is gradually decreasing, he should make adjustments in time to prevent accidents.

Ⅱ. Listen to the sound of industrial ball mill

When the overflow ball mill or dry ball mill is working, the sound produced by the grinding machine mainly comes from the collision between the transmission mechanism itself and the medium-ore-liner in the cylinder. The strength of the impact sound from the cylinder varies with the amount of material in the industrial ball mill. When the belly is out of balance, the ball mill is filled with high-quality fraction slurry, and the impact of the medium, ore and liner is weakened by the viscous slurry, and the sound is gradually dull. When the belly is severely swollen, the sound in the cylinder almost disappears, just listen. The buzzing sound from other areas. Therefore, from the change in the sound intensity of the ball mill when it is working, it can be found that the ball mill is bulging.

Ⅲ. Detect the quality score and discharge quality of industrial ball mills

Normally working industrial ball mill discharge mass fraction and discharge volume should be basically stable, but when it is about to be blocked, the mass fraction begins to rise, the discharge volume is also large, the particle size becomes coarser. In severe cases, the mass score is too large and the liquidity is poor, and the discharge cannot be discharged. When the discharge is completely blocked, the discharge is stopped. Therefore, from the changes in the mass fraction, particle size and discharge volume of industrial ball mills, swelling can also be found.

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