How to Do the Empty Test Run of Wet Grid Ball Mill?

After the installation of the wet gird ball mill is completed and the inspection is passed, the test run of the wet gridball mill can be carried out.

1. How to test run the wet grid ball mill?

(1) The continuous operation time of idling is not less than 12-24 hours, and problems found during operation should be solved in time.

(2) The load test operation can be carried out when the dry running test machine is normal. The load test operation should be carried out in stages. During the load operation, the feeding should be carried out according to the discharge situation to avoid unnecessary wear and damage of the steel ball and the cylinder lining.

①Add appropriate materials and 1/3 of the number of steel balls, and run for 12-24 hours.

②Add to 2/3 of the number of steel balls and run for 24-48 hours.

③According to the discharge condition of the wet grid ball mill, the output of qualified products, and referring to the actual ball loading capacity of the wet grid ball mill in similar concentrators, determine the reasonable ball loading capacity of this wet grid ball mill, and conduct a trial run of no less than 72 hours.

(3) The increase of the above-mentioned load and the length of the test run time are determined on the basis of the cooperation between the large and small gears and the gears of the reducer (temperature rise, noise, tooth surface contact, etc.). Do not operate at full load until the contact accuracy of the tooth surface does not meet the design requirements.

(4) During the test run, the cooling and lubrication system should work normally, and the temperature of the main bearing, transmission bearing and reducer should be normal.

(5) After 24-48 hours of trial operation with 2/3 of the steel balls loaded, all bolts should be checked and re-tightened.

(6) Various records should be carefully made in the trial operation work.

2. Applicable materials for mining wet grid ball mill

The wet grid ball mill has a wide range of applications and can process various metal ores, non-metal ores, such as gold, silver, copper, iron, molybdenum, phosphate, feldspar, fluorite and so on. Ball mill machine can be used as long as it is ensured that the product quality will not be affected by the contact of water.

It should be noted that when using a wet grid ball mill, it is necessary to determine the ratio of steel balls, materials and water through beneficiation tests to ensure the ideal grinding effect. As for the choice of cement grinding machine, it still depends on the follow-up operation of the wet grid ball mill, product properties and production costs.

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