Horizontal Centrifuge Machine

1. Working principles of the horizontal centrifuge machine

The horizontal centrifuge machine uses the high-speed rotating drum to generate centrifugal force to intercept the solid particles in the suspension in the drum and automatically unload them outside the machine under the action of force; At the same time, under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid in the suspension is thrown out through the filter medium and the small hole of the drum, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid-solid separation and filtration.

2. Advantages of the horizontal centrifuge machine

There is nothing comparable to the horizontal centrifuge machine in price advantage, and the machine has advanced design technology, stable performance, simple structure and convenient maintenance. The horizontal centrifuge machine produced by CIC has the advantages of small floor area, automatic and continuous operation, large processing capacity and high utilization rate of raw materials.

3. Applications of the horizontal centrifuge machine

The horizontal centrifuge machines are mainly used in chemical, medical, food, starch and other industries. Our coal centrifuge and sludge dewatering centrifuge are very professional in industrial projects.

The horizontal centrifuge machine mainly deals with melamine resin, vitamins, antibiotic heat treatment oil, etc

4. Types of the centrifuge machine

The general types of horizontal centrifuge machines include horizontal scraper discharge centrifuges, horizontal spiral filter discharge centrifuges, horizontal sedimentation filter centrifuges, etc.

We believe you can select the horizontal centrifuge well after reading the detailed introduction of the horizontal centrifuge machine above. If you want to learn more about the machine, please feel free to consult CITIC IC LUOYANG HEAVY MACHINERY CO., LTD

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