CITIC IC Keep pace with the reform and opening-up of China

Since the reform and opening-up policy in China, heavy industry enterprises have been an important pillar supporting the country's economic development. They have actively responded to national policies, kept pace with the reform and opening-up, and continuously carried out technological and management innovations, achieving significant accomplishments in heavy equipment and machinery.

Firstly, heavy industry enterprises have made significant breakthroughs in technological innovation. Through introduction, digestion, absorption, and innovation, they have vigorously developed their independent innovation capability and promoted the improvement of the industry's technological level. For example, the heavy machinery manufacturing industry has taken the lead in mastering core technologies such as large-scale cranes, large wheel-mounted cranes, and large crawler cranes domestically, achieving a leading position in the world.

Secondly, heavy industry enterprises have continuously explored and practiced management innovation. By comprehensively introducing modern enterprise management concepts and advanced management models such as "lean production", "6S management", and "supply chain management", heavy industry enterprises have continuously optimized their production processes, improved production efficiency and quality, reduced costs, and enhanced their competitiveness.

In addition, heavy industry enterprises have actively expanded their international markets and carried out cooperation and exchanges worldwide. By participating in international cooperation and mergers and acquisitions, introducing international advanced technologies and management experience, they have accelerated their development and internationalization process.

In summary, as an important component of the national economy, heavy industry enterprises have played a crucial role in China's reform and opening-up. Through technological and management innovations, they have promoted industrial upgrading and enhanced national competitiveness.


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