CITIC IC Heavy Industry: Copper Ore Dressing Process

The copper ore dressing process is a process of separating the useful minerals for heavy equipment and machinery, including copper, from the ore through a series of ore dressing processes. The copper ore dressing process usually includes the following steps:

1. Crushing: 

The original ore is crushed into small pieces by crushing equipment for the next ore dressing treatment.

2. Slurry preparation: 

The ore is finely ground by grinding equipment to form a slurry. The slurry usually contains water, which makes it easier to separate the ore in the next step.

3. Flotation separation: 

Flotation is one of the commonly used separation methods in copper ore dressing. By injecting bubbles into the slurry, the minerals with different affinities for water and chemicals can be separated, and the copper-containing minerals can be separated from other minerals.

4. Magnetic separation:

Magnetic separation can separate copper ore containing magnetic minerals from other minerals. The ore is passed through a magnetic separator, and the minerals with different magnetic properties are separated from each other, including copper-containing minerals.

5. Gravity separation: 

Gravity separation is achieved by the difference in mineral density. The slurry is injected into a gravity dressing equipment, and the copper-containing minerals are separated from other minerals by gravity.

6. Hot immersion method: 

The hot immersion method separates copper-containing minerals from other minerals by high temperature. The slurry is injected into a high-temperature reactor, and the copper-containing minerals are separated at high temperature.

These are the common process steps in copper ore dressing. The specific process flow in the ore dressing process will vary depending on the type and quality of the ore.

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