Application and Advantages of Selecting Tin Ore Rod Mill

After deep processing, tin ore is widely used not only in metallurgy and metal materials, but also as an important functional material in national defense and high-tech applications. For tin ore extraction and processing, generally, beneficiation is used, and the indispensable grinding equipment in the tin ore beneficiation production line is the tin ore rod mill.

The rod mill for tin ore is a kind of grinding equipment developed for the characteristics of tin ore. The grinding medium is a steel rod, and the wet rod mill equipment is commonly used in tungsten ore beneficiation plants. Choose CIC rod mill manufacturer with custom selections of rod mill machines.

Application conditions of the tin ore rod mill

Structural components of the tin ore rod mill

It mainly consists of an electric motor, main reducer, transmission parts, cylinder body parts, main bearings, slow-speed transmission parts, feed parts, discharge parts, annular seals, thin oil lubrication station, spray lubrication of large and small gears, basic parts, etc. The main reducer is a parallel-axis, hard-toothed surface device.

Advantages and characteristics of the tin ore rod mill:

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