Analysis on problems of the second mineral processing company

Problem Description

According to the smoke measurement data provided by the user, it is not a problem from the perspective of emission,but there is odor and blue smoke at the scene.

Causes of blue smoke and odor

1、It can be seen from the picture that the content of sulfur dioxide is high, which should be the source of the smell

2、The preliminary analysis should be leaking from somewhere in the process section. The main cause is that there is no collection process or the collection effect of the existing collection process is not ideal.




1. Find the air source

2. Evaluate the sealing effect of the air source.if the air source can be sealed,the cost of the enterprise can be saved by checking and calculating the air volume.

3. Evaluate the pipeline, air volume, fan power and whether alkali washing and VOCs treatment are carried out in the rear section according to the site conditions.

The solution may invovle equipment:

  1. Centrifugal fan

  2. Washing tower

  3. VOCs activated carbon adorption

  4. pipeline, chimney, bridge,etc.

Case sharing: A chemical plant in China

Pipeline distribution inside the workshop


Analysis_on_problems_of_the_second_mineral_processing_company-4.jpg Analysis_on_problems_of_the_second_mineral_processing_company-9.jpg

Outdoor photo-oxygen catalytic activated carbon treatment device


Washing tower and chimney


Process diagram


Resources Equipment
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